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Your Perfect Choices for the Accident lawyers

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To be a lawyer, the individuals must have had a specific academic and professional background, have taken an oath and be registered with the Bar of the City where you practice.

The title of lawyer is therefore protected: it is not given to all lawyers. It will simply be recalled that since 1991, the professions of lawyer and legal advice have merged and that these “new formula” lawyers are subject to the same rights and obligations “.

The protection of the title of accident lawyer national city passes by the control of the qualities necessary for the exercise of the profession (diplomas, probity, conditions of practice), on entry (admission to the Bar), during professional life. The Council of the Order ensures this mission, in accordance with the law.

The Council of the Order also exercises with the assistance of the State (Public Prosecutor’s Office) the surveillance of the persons who might wish to usurp this title and initiates the necessary proceedings in this capacity.

The ex officio commission

If you want the assistance of a lawyer and you do not know which firm to turn to, the President of the Bar or the president of the court concerned can appoint an ex officio lawyer for you.

It is your responsibility to contact the accident lawyer, which will make this appointment, on a list of volunteer lawyers.

The ex officio commission is a method of appointment and not of remuneration of the lawyer.

In other words, if your resources are below a certain ceiling, you will be able to benefit from legal aid under certain conditions.

On the other hand, beyond this limit, you will have to pay intervention fees to your Lawyer, even if this one is appointed.

How to choose your lawyer?

Choosing a lawyer depends above all on the nature of your concerns. A distinction is naturally made between legal lawyers who plead before the courts – from “consultant” lawyers who are usually involved in providing advice to companies.

In a practical way, you can refer to the directory which indicates the field of intervention of each lawyer with the bar of Annecy. Your relatives, your entourage, people in your professional environment can also share their past experiences with you and know certain lawyers …

Then, a first contact with the lawyer or the secretariat, by telephone in general will allow you to have more information on his capacity to intervene, his availability etc.

Finally, an appointment, if it is made, will provide all the useful information so that you can choose – or not this lawyer.

What should I do for a first date?

In order for this meeting to be useful and efficient, it is advisable to prepare this one.