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Yamaha Rx100- 5 Things you should know

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About Yamaha RX100:- Yamaha is one of such brand which sales its most of the bikes in India. This is due to its excellent performance since it has been launched and Yamaha RX 100 5 is again back with many of brilliant features which will let you fall for it itself.

Specifications of the Yamaha

  • Model of the bike – RX100 5
  • Top speed – 110 kmph
  • Fuel tank capacity – 10.5 litres (brilliant one)’
  • Maximum Torque – 12. 25 NM @ 7000 rpm
  • Maximum Power – 14 BHP @ 7500 rpm
  • Seat height – 765 mm
  • Ground clearance – 136 mm
  • Displacement – 132 cc
  • Kerb/ wet weight – 116 kg
  • Number of gears – 5

Here is the list of 5 things which every user should know about the Yamaha.

Engine and performance – engine is one of most important thing whether it is bike or car or any kind of vehicle. Yamaha has 98 cc with a single cylinder engine and two – stroke construction for the RX 100. It has even power of 7500 rpm and 10.39 Nm at 6500 rpm. 5 speed gearboxes make it awesome and add quality to the bike.

Successors – the successor of Yamaha RX 100 is now out of production that is why the brand has approached with RX 135.  It has 132 cc engines which is available along with four and five speed gearbox choices under its different names. There is even use of catalytic converter made the RX 135 emissions norms quite friendly that is why it is favourite of number of people.

Design and its style – this is one of most favourite section f all and which people often notices. Well, those are just crazy about design and style this section is truly yours and here you won it. Dude, Yamaha is considered as one of sexiest bike due to its design style of unfolding itself. Its charm is everywhere before than any other bike, the reason is that it has even proved itself.

Instrument console – It has three- piece instrument console along with a left section and that is for neutral and high beam light. The indicator of this particular bike is obviously a good one and it has truly kept things in mind by offering something worthy. Because you never know where you will take your bike in those conditions it is one of good back up with safety.

Two-stroke ban report – no doubt why Yamaha is best and comes first while buying bikes. Well, to elaborate a little more to this you should know, as after the announcement of the bike with a 2 stroke ban since April 2019. The ban is not at all a trouble as there is nothing any permanent codex about the bike from the side of government. So enjoy your happy rides in the company of Yamaha. Let your path be full of discovery and craziness.


Yamaha has given all reason to make purchase on it. It is definitely making our ways easy and choice stylist. Happy riding!