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Why Use Non-emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) for Your Loved One?

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Non-emergency medical transportation is indispensable in certain situations; however, many people opt for the service only in critical circumstances. As the name indicates, non-emergency assisted transportation is not meant to be used as an emergency service. It is a pre-booked patient transfer service for persons who cannot travel to a medical facility due to physical immobility. Long-distance medical transport is useful for persons who need intercity or interstate assisted transport for a medical procedure, for attending a family event, for relocation, or other purpose.

Here are some situations when you should consider using bedside-to-bedside NEMT for a loved one.

The person for whom medical transportation is sought is medically stable but needs in-transit assistance

Non-emergency medical transfers of patients is extremely useful for persons who don’t need critical emergency care, but require assisted transportation with medical supervision when travelling for doctor’s appointment or other work.

Some examples of situations that require non-emergency assisted transportation are post-surgery visits to the hospital, routine check-up visits for persons with chronic illnesses, inter-hospital transfer for special procedures, intercity or interstate travel for family and other events, etc.

Travelling in a vehicle fitted with the latest medical equipment and staffed with qualified medical crew gives the individual and their loved ones the assurance of safe and comfortable passage.

NEMT service providers who have the expertise to ferry patients with varying medical needs are fully equipped to offer high-quality and reliable assistance with oxygen delivery, intravenous fluid bags, suction units, trauma care, resuscitation equipment, and more.

The person for whom medical transportation is sought does not need a rush service or a paramedic accompanying them

In non-life-threatening situations that do not call for emergency transport to a medical facility, it makes sense to opt for NEMT instead of emergency medical services (EMS), for three reasons. One, on-demand EMS needs to provide critical life-saving medical care in a time-sensitive manner, so it often turns out to be costlier than NEMT—an important factor to consider when calling for a medical transport service.

Second, EMS is a valuable resource for those in urgent need of life-saving medical care, and, therefore, it must not be misused. It must only be used in case of emergencies when timely transfer to the ER is critical.

Lastly, a non-emergency medical transport provider is equipped to offer the best assisted transport along with the all the amenities you can ask for, such as customized support according to the specific needs of the patient, dedicated medical staff, in-transit meals and drinks, wi-fi enabled vehicle, and comfortable sitting and sleeping arrangements.

To sum up, if a loved one’s condition does not merit calling for an ambulance, don’t do it. Instead, opt for a relaxed, non-rushed non-emergency Medical Transportation service provider that will take them to their destination safely and comfortably.

Using a good NEMT service not only saves you tons of stress, it also saves you money. It is the preferred way to transport your loved one to and from a medical facility, minus the discomfort and high cost of travelling in an ambulance.