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Why should you get online id card printing done for your company?

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With CCTV cameras and GPS trackers, you would probably think that online id card printing is obsolete. But not so. Online id card printing is still a necessity for enterprises, big or small. Let us explore the reasons why you need online id card printing for your company.

Reasons why online id card printing is a must

All business enterprises require online id card printing for safety, security, identification and monitoring. Let us look at the reasons in detail.

  1. Securing access to the business premises

Your business premises should have paramount security as they hold not only all your equipment and devices but also your business processes and documents. Only the authorized personnel must be permitted to enter the premises. Certain rooms must have extra security with only selective access to privileged personnel. All this is possible only with the use of id cards with holographic overlays or signature panels.

CCTV cameras may be installed but even these cameras may be hacked or be down due to malfunctioning. But id cards cannot be duped as they have their own magnetic QR codes or holographs which are difficult to imitate. No entry is possible without the ID card which makes access to the building totally secure.

  1.  Tracking time and attendance of the employees

In business organizations where professional ethics and work culture is upheld, punctuality has to be adhered to. To enforce work discipline, the time of entry and exit of the employees has to be monitored. This is done effectively using the system entry and exit using id cards. Latecomers and attendance defaulters can be easily tracked easily as the id card reveals the employee id accurately.

Some organizations have a work log and punching system and also calculate wages based on work timings. For such companies and factories, online id card printing is a must.

  1. Providing facilities for employees

Certain companies believe in staff upkeep and may provide canteen and gym facilities to their employees. To ensure the proper utilization of such canteen, recreational, health and medicare facilities, the use of ID card becomes a must.  The use of ID cards ensures that all staff can make full use of the facilities and malpractices are strictly avoided. Authentication becomes easy for providing healthcare facilities and medical insurance to employees with the use of id cards.

  1. For loyalty programs and club membership

Special privileges can be accorded to employees with the use of id cards. Employees can be accorded club memberships and premium facilities at spas and gyms and these can be utilized by authenticating their id cards. Loyalty programs can be implemented using id cards where the bonus points will get validated only on the use of the id card.

  1. Securing devices and equipment

Sabotaging of devices and equipment can be prevented by restricting access to them in business organizations. Rooms with such confidential files and valuable equipment can be safeguarded with the use of id cards which can double up as keys. These key id cards offer foolproof security as they cannot be easily duplicated. Instead of using locks which can be tampered with or keys that can be duplicated, such id cards with secure magnetic coding offer foolproof security and total protection.

Online id card printing is a must for business organizations, schools, hospitals, laboratories, factories and government offices.  Get your online id card printing done with professionals for total security and safety for your organizations.