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Why is Tor so slow?

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Tor is one of the most popular programs to surf the deep web and dark web sites. But when you use it, at times it becomes slow. But have you ever wondered what the actual reason behind this is? Let us find it out in this article.

What is Tor?

Tor is basically a program that keeps you safe on the internet. It protects your information by bouncing your links and communications with server to a disturbed network of relays run by some institutions all across the globe. In short, your IP is being changed within seconds without letting you know. This prevents someone from spying your internet connection and what sites you surf. Also, the sites you visit can’t know your physical location or IP address.

The way most people refer Tor is the Tor Browser. But actually Tor Browser is a modified version of Firefox browser that fixes your privacy issues. This browser uses the Tor program to secure your privacy and changes your IP address.  If you surf deep web, we advise you to use premium VPN software with Tor Browser. To find best VPN, you can click here.

Why is Tor so Slow?

Tor Browser keeps changing your IP addresses. Your communication signals bounce through different computers across the globe. So, a few minor or major lags will be found while you use the Tor Browser. You should not expect blazing fast speed from Tor Browser.

We have come across a few reasons why Tor works slowly. Have a look at them:

  • Tor’s network controls are somewhat congested. We need proper ways for transferring data no matter if it is quiet stream network or loud stream network. This will improve your browsing experience.
  • A lot of Tor users put a heavy traffic on the network. They contribute less network and use much more. As a result, we need proper ways to limit the networks used by those users. And provide equal priority to each and every user.
  • The Tor browser can’t handle a lot of traffic. As a result, it does not have capacity to handle a lot of users looking to protect their privacy online at once. We need to build ways to make networks more sustainable.
  • The current programs and algorithms can’t distribute the load correctly on networks. This means that a few relays are overloaded while some does not have any load at all. Proper ways are required to distribute load accurately among relays from across the globe. Also, ways to select right paths for clients should be developed.
  • The clients of Tor are not at all good at handling high connection failures. We need better and proper ways for the clients to automatically shift from bad circuits. Also, other tricks are required for clients to adapt their behavior.
  • The users with low or less bandwidth spend a lot of their connection in downloading information. We have already mentioned this problem but a lot of work still remains here.

The current Tor network is small to handle such overload on the server and so it is slow. But if you have noticed the speed, it is becoming better day by day. The non-profitable organization, Tor is working on the program for better user experience. So don’t panic and be patient while using the Tor browser.