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Why Are Online Casinos Thriving In Malaysia Despite Strict Gambling Laws?

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The online casino Malaysia thrives on despite the strict laws of gambling and betting put in place by Sharia and Malaysian laws. Many gamblers are finding more and better ways to escape prosecution. As much as gambling is completely banned, there are still loopholes to betting that monotonous gambling dens use.

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How do these gamers do it?

#1. Hiding IP Addresses

Online Casinos are still safe betting zones for gamblers in Malaysia though you have to hide your IP address while gambling.

Some Cybercafes in Malaysia have become the modern-day gambling dens. They hide the users’ IP addresses not only for their safety but also for the protection of their clients. They also have closed-circuit television that helps them watch out for government officials and police officers.

These internet cafes are very safe, unlike your home, where the police can trace your IP address and get you charged for unlawfulness—no wonder these cafes come highly recommended.

#2. Using Offshore Websites

The good news with online casinos is that you can play from any part of the world. This is why Malaysian gamblers use gambling websites located in other countries. The players deposit funds online via their debit cards or direct bank transfers. When they win, they use the same method to get paid. By using online betting sites such as cmd368 that are not based in Malaysia but are Asian friendly, these players are not breaking Malaysian laws. They are therefore safe from prosecution.

#3. Loopholes in the Gambling Laws

Malaysian law does not clearly define its stance on online gambling. The law only states that betting and gambling is illegal. If you are found gambling on-site, you can be fined or imprisoned. Owners of betting houses and gambling dens are liable to prosecution if found operating these houses. Those found in the act of placing bets can also be prosecuted. However, if you gamble in the safety of your home, you are safe as long as you hide your IP address. You can also use a cyber café to place your bets without fear of prosecution.

#4. Online Casino Bonuses and Free Offers

Most online betting websites offer bonuses to attract new players. The gifts may sometimes even double their initial deposits. These online casinos also offer free games to entice players. The free games are offered to new punters, thereby drawing them to the games. Gamers use free offers to learn and practice the game. They cannot win with these free sports. They have to place bets at the end of the free trials to win.

Even if the Malaysian laws were to be stricter to arrest all online casino players, they would have to prosecute up to eighty per cent of the population. Smartphones have made it easier to bet online at your own convenience and privacy. Online casinos are not only addictive, but they also bring in foreign revenue that improves the economy.