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If you are looking for a peaceful, perfect getaway from your daily work life, studies, or normal household chores, visit Rancho Mirage and North Palm Springs, both firmly located in California. Below are mentioned some of the top and attractive places you can travel to and activities you can enjoy in both these beautiful destinations.

Things to Do In Rancho Mirage!

  • Visit the Sunnylands Centre and Garden to witness the exhibition of artworks, films, and educational programs. It is a 200-acre mid-century modern estate that inhabits a nine-acre garden and free entry. Go to the Children’s Discovery Museum which allows kids to physically learn and explore with toys and safety equipment. Travel to the Rancho Mirage Public Library, a community theatre with knowledgeable staff and onsite astronomers. Go to the Sky-Watcher Stargazing Tour to know all about the stars and constellations through state-of-the-art telescopes.
  • The Mother Earths Pharmacy, LIBRA, and the Royal Highness Dispensary are some of Rancho Mirage, CA Dispensary that provides health services.
  • Walkthrough the Cancers Survivors Park and witness the sculptures, pyramid kiosk, ponds, and hillside waterfall. Go to the Rancho Mirage Community Park to pass time while playing tennis and basketball in its courts, and enjoy a barbeque in its grassy areas. Get a little adventurous and hike up the Chukwalla trail and get in awe of the breath-taking mountain and valley views.
  • To solve puzzles and playing fun games while snacking with family, friends, and co-workers, visit the Escape Games at River. Enjoy watching movies at Cinemark Century the River with reclining seats. Go to Las Casuelas Nuevas; this bar is welcoming with its Spanish guitar music.

Things to do in North Palm Springs!

  • Travel to the Palm Canyon Drive which offers the most entertainment and enlightenment for all its visitors. Just driving through its lanes is highly peaceful. It incorporates the Palm Canyon Theatre and the infamous Palm Springs Art Museum which inhabits superb contemporary modern artworks, sculptures and glassworks, and photography from renowned artists like Diane Arbus. Come across the baby sculptures built outside the museum, which are creepy with bar codes in them, who talk about Palm Springs forward-thinking attitude. Intake the beautiful scenery and mountaintop views by traveling in the biggest aerial tramway in the world, which leads to Mt. San Jacinto State Park.
  • The Highland Springs Wellness Centre is one of the most famous North Palm Springs Dispensary who offers various medicinal and recreational services.
  • Visit the Palm Springs Village Fest which occurs each Thursday and incorporates multiple booths and vendor shops, enjoyable by the fun company offered by its locals. The vendors sell antiques and idiosyncratic crafts pieces and have so many food stalls that serve such tasty cuisines and street foods. Go to El Jefe restaurant to devour Mexican food.
  • Travel through the Palm Springs Windmills to gain knowledge about renewable energy education in California. To experience the lives of the past and present Hollywood stars, take the bus tours around the swankiest neighborhoods. Lovers of flora should visit the Moorten Botanical Garden, and the Indian Canyon built by Native Americans, to appreciate how the past cultures survived.

So, the above-mentioned are some of the tourist attractions and activities you must-do if you visit either of these places in California.