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Where can I find the best shipping bidding platform?

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If you are a trucker or freight broker, then you must be well-aware how tedious and time consuming shipping bids are. But it is something which you cannot avoid. After all, it will help you in getting the best rates and highest return for your service.

Obviously technology will help you a lot in this part of the work. You have a number of freight bidding platforms available online also known as online truck load boards or freight load boards. You can seek help from these platforms and set better relationships with carriers and get more efficient in your work. You can also save your time in looking for work elsewhere.

Here are some of the best shipping bidding platforms available online where you can browse work for you:

DAT Solutions
DAT Solutions is a well-settled,reputed platform in the US freight sector. It was started to offer dial-a-truck (DAT) load finding services. It has been decked with the biggest freight load board – the 360 load board which boasts of over 100 million loads. The load board is recommended for any trucker and shipper who need immediate service. The company states its loads are viewed by thrice many carriers in comparison to any other load board. You can get real-time freight rates here. You can also access the site from anywhere with your mobile device.

123 Load Board
The platform has over a decade experience with load and truck load boards. The site is known for its user-friendly interface and genuineness. It allows you to create good looking pages without being a professional coder. The company has numerous data centres all over America hence you get guaranteed access to load boards at all times.
Shippers can post loads for free and truckers can use it for free. However, a standard plan will cost you around $35 per month and the premium plan is $10 costlier but totally worth the price.

It is a freight load board which is simple to use and comes decked with useful specs. By spending just $19 per month, you can get access to unlimited loads and truck postings, alerts on new shipper bid, personalized bids and match notifications along with weather reports and load routes. As soon as the shipper posts a load, be it LTL, full or partial, carriers and brokers are alerted via mail and they can submit their bids. Shippers will get the bids from carriers via mail and they contact them if they are okay with the bid.
Another amazing spec of ComFreight is that you can team it with your TMS (Transport Management System) or WMS (Warehouse Management System).

Though relatively new, this online shipping bidding platform gives you the leisure to bid on the loads as per your preferred route, region or load. The best thing about this platform is that you can use it for free. There is no monthly charge or subscription fee to be paid.  As a carrier, you can bid and wait for your bid to get selected by the shipper. Once you win the bid, you can perform the task