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When to Change Your Car’s Coolant

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 The mileage interval where the coolant of a car needs to be changed varies per car and manufacturer. For instance, some manufacturers suggest that you change the coolant every 30K miles driven. Some manufacturers have the coolant as a regular maintenance schedule. The coolant is also referred to as the antifreeze of the car. Quick Car Removals Melbourne offers the following information on changing the coolant for the car.

Things to Look for

  1. When cars are subjected to “severe service” like towing, some manufacturers recommend changing the coolant for the car more often. However, some dealerships today sell cars with what is called “lifetime” coolant, yet claim that the coolant in cars should be changed more often than the manufacturers suggest, typically suggesting every 30K to 50K miles.
  2. When car owners use long life coolant which is typically a mixture of 50 percent antifreeze and 50 percent water, they are protecting the car for several years from boiling in the hot weather and freezing in the cold weather.
  3. Over time, the coolant can deteriorate and should be checked regularly to see if it is good. When the coolant becomes deteriorated, it can corrode the radiator, water pump, thermostat and other cooling system parts. To check the coolant, look for signs of rust and test the AC and heater to be sure that is producing sufficient temperature. Also, test the cooling and boiling protection with test strips that measure the acidity, and a hydrometer that is used to measure the freezing and boiling protection. When the coolant has deteriorated, it will need to be changed, and the cooling system may require flushing to remove any contaminants.  

With any car, it is necessary to read the owner’s manual for all pertinent information and service schedules for the car. Likely, there is information regarding the coolant for the car, including the manufacturer’s recommendations on changing the coolant.

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