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What to know in understanding of torque converters

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The reconstruction of torque converters is important in many industries. However, not everyone even those who are involved in industries (which specifically require torque converters) understands the true nature of torque converters. In this article we will explain some important points about how torque converters work and why you may need rebuilding torque converter using Kinergo’s services.

How it starts

The process starts in a cutting area where lathes, milling machines and different equipment are available to open and diagnose the different types of converters.  Once diagnosed, it enters a washing and preparation zone to achieve that each component achieves the required specifications for the assembly.

What we need

We need the machinery that allows us to give the highest quality in the reconstruction of converters with full warranty. Torque converter piston bonder used to vulcanize the friction material of the lock-up system of the converter (lock-up). Auto weld aligner is an automatic system used in the welding of converters that allows to align, adjust and calibrate with precision and speed the internal components of the converter.

We need to run out inspection with which we verify the internal game and the alignment of the different components (of the converter). Once the inverter has been properly welded, the Supertanker air test booth starts up, where the leak tightness of the converter is checked, detecting possible fluid leaks. Finally the Torque Converter Balancer will provide precise balancing.

If you want to save cost and time of production

If you have to deal with torque conveners you should be selective in choosing the resources needed. The goal is to achieve cost savings as well as production time. Kinergo is a company that provides a set of tools or better suited system called for managing the full site of torque converter in your company. By ordering a ready-made system you can save both cost and production time.