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What to Know before Moving Abroad with Your Family 

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There are a lot of different factors to consider when moving abroad. From picking the right location, to choosing the perfect removals company, there are a thousand little things you need to be thinking about. Once you’ve got all the little details sorted, then you’ve got to think about how well your family are going to deal with the move.

Moving house is rated as the third most stressful life event, just behind childbirth and divorce. That should tell you something about how stressful it can be for a lot of people out there, and you’re going one step further by moving abroad. Here are some key considerations for your family when moving abroad.

It’s Stressful for Everyone

It’s important to remember that moving abroad is stressful for everyone involved. That means you, your partner, your kids, everyone. No one escapes the stress, and it quickly becomes contagious. Don’t take all the difficulties on yourself and push everyone else away, make it clear that you’re all in it together.

It Can Be a Real Strain on Relationships

Moving can be a real strain on relationships, whether that’s between you and your partner, or your kids. That means you need to put a little more effort into making sure everything is running smooth, and everyone’s getting on. You don’t need a fall out at this moment in time.

Kids Don’t Really Like Change

If there’s one fact about kids that tends to hold true, it’s that they don’t really like change very much. That means that even if they’re excited for the idea of the move, the actual execution is always going to be difficult and tiring for them. You need to take that into account, and make sure they’re okay.

That means school for the kids as soon as they’re settled into the new house. Depending on where you’ve relocated, education can be expensive, so be prepared to fork out for it.

It’s Not Great for Pets Either

For a bunch of different reasons, too. Travel, whether that’s by plane, train, car or boat is hard on pets. Plus you need to get all manner of inoculations and vaccines, and clean bills of health from the vet, as well as even a pet visa or passport. Stressful for the animal, and a lot of hassle for you.

Make sure you do some research when it comes to getting your pet used to their new environment. You really don’t want them running away, and struggling to find their way home.

But it can Be Hugely Rewarding

Despite all that hassle, it’s important to remember why you’re doing all this. It’s so many people’s dreams to move abroad somewhere beautiful and inexpensive, and really live the high life, and you’re doing it. Bear that in mind through all the stress, hassle and expense, and you’ll do absolutely fine.