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What to Do on Boxing Day With Your Family

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Ahh, Boxing Day. It really is one of the best, most utterly confusing days of the year. We all know the weird, boring collection of days that sit between Christmas and New Year and Boxing Day is the very start of the mysterious week. You might not know what day of the week it is, what time it is or who you are anymore, but it’s Christmas – and that means that you deserve to get stuck into something memorable and downright fun this year! Curb the urge to sit in your pyjamas and work through your seemingly endless pile of festive treats and instead try one of these awesome ideas. Here are a few activities to get up to with your family this Boxing Day…

Watch the Sydney to Hobart Race

The biggest boat race of the year is one of the most obvious activities to get up to on Boxing Day, but it really is the perfect one to watch with your family! Head to your local viewing spot with a breakfast picnic ready and packed to get the best view for the start of the race. Prime viewing areas include Circular Quay, Manly and Cremorne Point. Bring along a few garden games, beverages and plenty of sunscreen to keep the whole family fed, entertained and well protected from the sunshine. This is such a lovely way to start Boxing Day.

Hop on a Harbour Cruise

Is there anything better than a Harbour Cruise? Yes, there is – a Sydney Harbour cruise on Boxing Day! A exciting boxing day cruise means that you’ll have a front row seat to all the action generated by the buzz of the Sydney to Hobart race. You’ll proceed to float out on the sparkling water with breathtaking views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. The entire family will treasure memories of this one for a long time to come.

Go On a Picnic

A simple picnic is as good an activity as any when you’re exhausted but you still want to get the kids outside for a little while. Pack up the leftovers from your indulgent day, grab a few games and enjoy a lazy afternoon out in the sunshine.

Hit the Cinema

Hey, we don’t always want to be outside! If you’re wanting a very chilled out, cool and relaxed activity that gets you out the house and keeps the kids quiet for a couple of hours, then the cinema is the way to go. There are usually a few fantastic releases that work for the whole family to catch up on when Boxing Day rolls around.

Shop the Sales

The madness that surrounds the Boxing Day sale has calmed down over the past few years, what with the rise of internet shopping. This means that musing around the shops is a little easier, so if you want to bag some bargains over the Christmas period then this is the day to do it.

Go On a Healthy Hike

If you’re feeling a little sluggish after all the drinking, eating and lazing around, then you might want to consider starting the health kick earlier than New Year’s Day. Get the family out for a healthy hike to get some fresh air and endorphins going after the indulgent period. You can combine this with a picnic or watching the boat race to make more of an occasion of it.

Get Creative

When you’re trying to entertain kids who are fuelled with a tonne of sugar and energy it can get a little tricky coming up with something to appease them with. Try setting up an arts and crafts station to get their inspiration flowing. You’ve got to do something with all that glitter that you collect over Christmas.

Jump in the Water

It’s a classic, but how could the beach not be mentioned on a list of things to do on Boxing Day? This is the number one way of burning off your kids’ unending energy, getting some sun and relaxing outside. Just be sure to stay sun safe.

How will you and your family be celebrating this Boxing Day?