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What is 3 Ply Mask

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3 ply mask or surgical mask is famous among the people with the name face mask. These masks are worn by doctors or some health specialists to fight against the infections or germs that are present in the patients they are treating. The mask catches the bacteria and protects the patients also from their attack of infections that spread from the liquid droplets or aerosols that come out of the doctor’s nose or mouth.

However, these masks fail in protecting the person, who is wearing it, from airborne viruses or bacteria as the particles of such germs are smaller in size and can pass through them along with the air. These masks are very effective in the case of dangerous infections too like influenza and they become similar to the respirators such as FFP mask or KN95 mask.

However, these masks are effective in the labs and not in such places as there, the material is like that. They are made up of such material, tight seal, or shape that makes it suitable for performing experiments in laboratories.


There are different surgical masks depending upon the quality and the usability mainly their level of protection. If they are named as surgical masks then this does not mean that they will be used for surgery purposes only.

There are various masks that are named as surgical masks but are used in the field of dental, isolation, medical procedures, and many other places. The major difference is made by the officials of China as they consider surgical masks and medical masks as two different categories.

These surgical masks are mainly made of the non-woven fabric, which is created from the process named as melt blowing. These masks replaced the famous cloth facemasks, which were used by the many developed countries in the year 1960. There is a disease that is raised and creating many problems. In this disease, we require ample masks and there is a shortage of masks due to which the question is raised on the use of surgical masks that whether they would be helpful or not.

In the East Asian country, people use to wear it on a daily basis so that they can fight against airborne diseases or fight against the particles that are present in the air of the airborne diseases. They are even advised to wear it so that they do not make other people sick because of them. The other countries that lie in this category or follow this are China, South Korea, and Japan. These masks help them in surviving in the polluted environment too, which is caused due to the vehicles and combustion of unwanted products.


These surgical masks are helpful in the case of surgery and in the case of airborne diseases. These masks are used in the present time so that they can people fight against the problem of COVID-19, which has affected the world to some other level and is taking more than 500 deaths per day in the world.