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What causes back pain?

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Back pain is something that most of us experience at one point or another and there are a number of reasons as to why this might happen. Here are some of the most common reasons for back pain.

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Age – pain can change and worsen with age. Whilst a younger person may experience the pain of a pulled muscle or aching joint as a result of exercise an older person may experience pain due to disc issues and the degeneration of their joints and mobility overall.

Injury – in younger age these injuries tend to be related to sports or other activities where the back muscles are either pulled, or the area is knocked or bumped. In some cases the impact of the injury may not cause immediate problems and pain in the back area, but this can creep in over the years.

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Sitting – spending large amounts of time sitting can cause problems with our backs, necks and shoulder areas. It is important that if you are sitting at a desk for work that you use an Operator Chair like the ones that you can see at to ensure that these areas are properly supported. You should also make sure that you take regular breaks and walks away from your desk and stretch these areas regularly to help relieve any tension that has built up in the muscles and joints.

If your back pain is persistent or worsening it is always sensible to speak to your GP about this.