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What Are The Technologies Use Bitcoin Era?

1.54K 0 is claiming to bring daily profit to their users by placing automatic trades simultaneously, in a software that was developed by a group of Fintech companies. Both their users and creators claim that Bitcoin Era can perform trades faster than most algorithms, and at a split second faster than the average trading software. This software is free to use, and the brokers included in the platform are the ones who are both regulated and compliant and have backed the funding of this trading tool. To use the platform with one of the brokers, however, the user needs to have an initial capital of $250 to invest and get started.

How does the Bitcoin Era app work?

  • Bitcoin Era is a fully automated software, which means that its users just need to configure the robot with their best settings and turn the robot ON. It is pretty straight-forward and follows the same simplicity in the use of other tools like the Bitcoin Revolution.
  • Bitcoin Era names itself to be a fully automatic robot for the bitcoin market. This bot allegedly is conducting investment research by analyzing the bitcoin market big data for tradable insights.
  • Algorithms can be analyzed a vast amount of data within a split of a second and place corresponding trades. Trading robots such as Bitcoin Era is applying top technologies to ensure high accuracy and trading speed.
  • As mentioned earlier, the Bitcoin Era claims to generate profits of up to $5k per day from a deposit below $1k. This is possible due to the leverage provided by the brokers in partnership with this bot.

Use of technology

  • Bitcoin Era is depending on sophisticated computer algorithms to scan the bitcoin markets for tradable insights and execute trades. The use of computer algorithms is not new trading and has been used extensively in high-frequency trading.
  • High-frequency trading is a technique used to trade highly leveraged financial assets such as forex. This trading method is involving an intelligent algorithm analyzing huge troves of data and making a trading decision.
  • Advanced algorithms such as the ones supposedly used by Bitcoin Era can read news and place matching trades automatically. The best thing with an algorithm is that it can accurately analyze big data within a fraction of a second.

Consequently, it can be taking advantage of even the slightest market movement hence leading to high profitability.