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What Are The Functions Of A Veterinary Assistant?

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This sector currently has a high labor demand, since, in more than 14 million families, there is at least one pet. To respond to this demand, there are more than 8,000 companies dedicated to the animal world.

The professional profile of the veterinary assistant is comparable to that of a nurse since its main function is to assist and offer help to vets in Chippenham during the consultation, as well as giving animal care. But it also performs many other functions that can be divided into veterinary and management tasks.

Veterinary Functions

Within these tasks, there are many areas of work for a veterinary assistant, ranging from the maintenance and disinfection of materials to administering medications.

Some of the functions of the veterinary assistant are detailed below:

  • Check animal hygiene and control body temperature
  • Assist in the tasks of the veterinarian such as diagnosing, cures, providing the necessary medications, as well as applying treatments
  • Prepare the resources, materials, and medications necessary to perform surgery, as well as being an assistant in what you need both before, during and after surgery. It will also take care of cleaning, disinfecting and replacing the material used, as well as the facilities.
  • Follow-up and corresponding animal review after surgery, and transmit the status and evolution of the animal to the veterinarian.
  • To take proper care of the animal, to be able to help in the veterinarian’s work and to carry out all these tasks, the veterinary assistant must have a basic preparation on all aspects.

Management Functions

In addition to the above functions, the veterinary assistant also performs other management functions, the main one being customer treatment. Also, it will perform other functions for the veterinary clinic to function properly. Some of them are:

  • Customer and pet reception
  • Make budgets, invoices and collections, as well as manage stocks and orders.
  • Sale of products, marketing and merchandising in store
  • Manage complaints and claims