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What are the causes of acne? How do you get rid of it?

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Acne is a skin disease. It takes place when the living cells get wedged with the dead and infected cells. Consult with your doctor for the possible treatment that may help get rid of your condition. However, duac acne cream can lend you a hand in addressing your problem. You can buy it online as well as offline. The Daily chemist online pharmacy can provide medications at your doorsteps. Visit our web page and order your acne treatment today.


What results in causing acne? 

Certain foods, habits, and lifestyle can result in causing the skin condition. They may include the following-

  • Excess production of oil can result in acne 
  • Bacterial infection can infect your skin and make it prone to pimples
  • When hair follicles are blocked by the lifeless skin cells and oil, acne takes place
  • The surplus activity of androgens results in causing pimples


What are the treatments for acne? 

Duac acne cream is an effective treatment for this skin condition. You can consult with your doctor for suitable usage. Moreover, you can also seek an online doctor consultation for the same purpose. 

Other acne treatments may include-

They are available at Daily Chemist. Order your product today and get it delivered in few days. However, you can ask your doctor about the treatment that may suits you the best. 


What are the home treatments? 

Try doing some home remedies along with taking your medical treatment for successful results. Some of the home treatments are as follows-

  • Make use of gentle disinfectants

Disinfectants can help in washing out the dirt and bacteria from your skin. Take the help of your healthcare provider to choose a good and supportive cleanser. 

  • Apply acne-combating agent 

An acne-combating agent fights acne present on the affected part of your skin. In addition, it also prevents the future development of acne. 

  • Take sufficient sleep

Inadequate sleep often results in causing acne. Therefore, take adequate sleep to prevent pimples.

  • Clean your face frequently

Wash your face at regular intervals. It helps in rinsing out the germs settled on the surface of your face. In addition, cleaning your face may also root out the oil from your skin.

  • Choose your make-up wisely 

Make-up helps in looking more presentable, attractive, and confident. However, make good and wise picks in the case of cosmetics. It is because some of them can adversely harm your skin. 

Pick the ones that do not block your skin pores. These pores are the lungs of your skin. Keep in mind the following pieces of advice on the subject of makeovers-

  • Choose certified products
  • Wash your hands properly before applying the make-up.
  • Take away your make-up before going to bed or performing exercises
  • Clean your sponges’ and brushes regularly to eliminate the settlement of dirt into them
  • Do not pluck your skin

When you pluck your skin, the pimples take place in more numbers. Moreover, it also triggers infections and results in spots and scars.

  • Get your skin some relaxation

Offer relaxing practices to your skin. You can do yoga, perform exercises and meditation, and listen to soft music for the same purpose. These practices reduce your stress and help in acne treatment. 

In addition, do not forget to use duac acne cream while doing these things. Keep using it along with home treatments for better results. You can consult your doctor for more information. 

You can seek online doctor consultation for acne. Visit the Daily Chemist web page for any queries. Moreover, you can also request medical guidance from experts.