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What are Some Symptoms of Getting Depressed?

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We all wish to have good health always. However, the bitter truth is that we all have some health issues either small or big. If not at present then at some level of ages, either we will have or we had already. Physical health issues can be diagnosed easily but it’s not very easy to diagnose mental issues. Depression is such a problem. Though it’s not sure to diagnose it by self, there are few symptoms through which you can check where you are depressed or not. Let’s check how to know if are you depressed quiz.


There are many types of mental illness which affect our life very badly. Depression is one of them. This is a mental illness in which people tend to feel very low. Though we all may feel low at many instances of life, the low feeling in this illness persists longer than usual and affects our overall health a lot. If this is treated at the proper time people may recover and start living the normal life once again but if it is ignored, the result may be life-threatening too in many cases. There are many symptoms related to this, let us know some of them.


Anger is one of the very common symptoms of this illness. People usually express their anger a lot in this illness and sometimes the result of that anger becomes very bad. Not just for the others but for the people who express the anger also, it proves to be very deadly. Though people feel very bad about this all, usually the loss which occurs due to the anger is not acceptable and at the same time not irreversible.


In depression, people also have a very usual and common symptom that is to forget about things. Though it’s a normal process of life to forget about the things, people having depression, do it a bit more. They even don’t remember the very small things and usually, they don’t realize that this forgetfulness is nothing but a very common symptom of depression. Therefore, if you ever feel bad about this habit and also feel low at the same time, you must contact your doctor to avoid all the bad effects of it on your life.

No energy and enthusiasm

If you feel that day by day your working capacity is decreasing and this all is not because of your age but due to something else, you should not wait to increase this bit more. You should especially not avoid it when your age is not in that stage when people start feeling that kind of lack of energy. It may also happen that you suddenly start getting weight or losing weight. Therefore, if you are having any doubt regarding this, you should immediately take the help of some doctors to check whether you are having this problem or not.

Sleeping problem/insomnia

Depression puts many bad effects on the health of a person. One such very bad effect is the lack of proper sleeping. In this condition, the victim of this illness is not able to take sleep even trying a lot. Sometimes even the good medication of sleep doesn’t help in this condition especially if the reason behind this is depression mainly. They get full good sleep only after the proper treatment of depression. Therefore, if you are having the same problem and any medication of bringing back your sleep is not working on that, you should be aware and start your treatment differently to diagnose and treat depression.

Fearing with all/insecurity

The person who is having the problem of depression with them mostly feels very low and all the time they keep fearing. Sometimes this fear is with someone or something special and sometimes with some unknown personality or things. In such a condition, they may also feel very insecure and always think that someone always tries to kill them or harm them. That is the reason they always try to have the best protection against all such imaginary threats with them even when there is no such happening is going to happen.

Lack of confidence

It’s pretty normal to lose confidence at some very big and special occasions in life but if this all becomes regular happenings in your life, things are not good for you. Having too many doubts about the self may also be a strong reason to ask your doctor, are you depressed or not.

Deep low feeling

This is one of the worst things about people suffering from depression. They always keep thinking that the losses which they experienced can never be gained again. They also keep thinking that just they are the reasons for all the mishappenings with them. They also think that they are worthless and this situation of them can never be improved throughout their life

Unexplained body pain

Body pain is one of the very normal instances in people’s lives. Sometimes it happens after doing some work and sometimes even without doing any work. But in both situations, there are always some solid reasons behind this. But in the case of a depressed person, this happens without any proper reason. Therefore, if you are having such pain, you must be very cautious regarding this also.

With the above decision, we got to know some of the need to know information about depression and its symptoms. The treatment of depression takes a long time to show the effect. Therefore, if a doctor diagnoses depression in you and prescribes you some medication, you should continue that for a few weeks before any visible changes come. However, if you are having an allergy, you may ask your doctor to change the medication.