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What Actually is Lighting Manufacturing?

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Now we all know what Light is or at least most of us are aware. Worry not! For those who are still struggling to catch a hold on what it is, I am about to discuss just that! Because come on, let us all admit knowledge never goes in vain!

So what is light? Go with the scientific aspect of it ” Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation the wavelength which can be detected by the human eye.” Now not everyone is a “techie” or a “scientist”, so let me just put out a Layman’s definition for light, “Light is basically a natural phenomenon that helps us see things. We will basically be or we will have the capability to see just as much good as a blind person.”

Coming back to our original matter of discussion lighting and about the lighting manufacturer.

What is Lightning?

The main issue of discussion “Lighting”, why is the lighting? Most of us will agree when I say lighting is enhancing something with the help of light (natural phenomena). The other term for lighting that many people using it to benefit themselves has been the infamous “illumination”. Basically, we are creating or deliberately aiming to achieve practical or physical or man-made aesthetic effects. Lighting helps us create an environment basically and artificial environment, an environment that vibes with us and we look forward to spending quality time at that created environment. So if  looking  into the manufacturing part of it the lighting is basically a human effort to again gain comfort and peace somehow.

History of Lightning:

Going into the history of the discovery of the term lighting we will have to go back into the days when the fire was discovered. And to take as an example of the artificial lighting at that time, the campfire or the torches made of lit wood were basically artificial lightings and a beginning of manufacturing of artificial lighting, because the very natural lighting that we have is from the Sun. Therefore as early as, back from the times when cavemen used to exist we started to illuminate the kids using the fire and this lighting manufacturing.


Now if we look into the Hindu religion and its religious practice of welcoming Lord Rama on the tenth day after Dussehra we are very well aware of the Diyas and Candles that are lit or were lit at those times and people celebrated the arrival of Lord Rama and even in today’s time it is celebrated and is very popular with the name of Deepavali, to break it down it clearly was a setup of artificial lighting through Candles and Diyas. The candles and Diyas are both a very important aspect of showing how manufacturing of lighting occurred back then.

The growth of humankind the manufacturing of artificial lighting moved on from traditional craftsmen for handmade lighting products to lighting manufacturing on a large scale level which included basic lamps, bulbs, tube lights, fluorescent lighting also known as a rope light, neon lighting, LED lighting.