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Volkswagen Jetta Mass Air Flow Explained 

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The mass air flow (MAF) sensor is a major electronic fuel injection for car needed to calculate the full amount air coming in the engine. It significantly contributes to the functioning of your Volkswagen. All MAF sensors are manufactured same with similar Volkswagen Jetta parts. The MAF sensor major lasts all through the life of your Volkswagen vehicle but if occasionally damaged, it may require service or replacement. 

Why is Mass Air Flow sensor necessary for your Volkswagen cars?

Though MAF sensor is a tiny accessory but has a huge purpose. It configures right air and fuel mix to enter the engine for combustion and ignition procedures. It relays detail on the on-board computer of the car about the air flow in the engine. The car’s computer evaluates the info to assess how much fuel the engine requires as per the driving conditions. But, when the mass airflow malfunctions and wears off, then it may lead to a problematic situation. The more you ignore the problem, the more damage occurs in the engine and other parts.

A high quality Volkswagen Jetta Mass Air Flow sensor offers strong performance and low fuel costs. A good performing mass air flow sensor leads to better torque and horsepower. 

How does the MAF Sensor works?

MAF sensors are sited between the air filter and throttle body and is needed to measure the air quantity entering the engine. Usually vehicles have a hot wire MAF Sensor. It features a heated and an ambient temperature wire. The sensor has a microprocessor of the sensor measures the air entering the engine by keeping the temperature of hot wire static at 200 degree F higher than the ambient incoming air. The energy needed for the maintenance of the sensor at the same temperature is evaluated and sent to the PCM. The powertrain control module have a control on the injectors to provide the right amount of fuel according to the airflow, creating a perfect air fuel mix which is ideal for your engine.

Sometimes the MAF sensor malfunctions and you may have to bring your VW to a professional for diagnosis and right treatment. If you continue to experience the symptoms, then more damage will occur to your vehicle. Some of the symptoms of a bad mass air flow sensor are given below:

  1. Your VW hesitates or jerks forward when you accelerate: A poor MAF sensor may cause sudden engine stalling or jerking at the time of acceleration.
  2. Your air fuel if very high quality: You need the right ratio in combustion cylinder. Symptoms like black smoke in the tailpipe, low fuel efficacy than before or check engine light signal are some of the signs. 
  3. The air fuel ratio is lean: Lean means just the opposite of rich. If your vehicle has little fuel or very high air, then you are getting an underestimate airflow amount. It may do a lot of damage to your car like hard starting, engine surging or engine seizures.
  4. The OBD-II scanner has a code P0101: If the check engine light is lighted, you should use a code reader you should see what the code appears on the diagnostic trouble system. The P0101 code means Mass Air Flow Sensor Circuit Range/ performance.

Once you know your MAF sensor is malfunctioning, then ensure that you fix the problem immediately to avoid heavy expenses and be on the safe side.