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Use Of Technology In The Classroom:

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With the development in educational system, the methods of education have also been developed. Technology has been introduced in the classroom. Use of technology in classroom has done good but also brought confusion and difficulty in most of the schools. Some students are receiving this positively and some don’t. The main complaints of the students are that a lot of time is being wasted by using the technology. Firstly, the teachers do not know the proper usage of technology. And what they use, are quite outdated and create confusion rather making things easy. Some think that it’s throwing too much challenges and not really helpful in enhancement of education. There are both positive and negative remarks from the students.

Positive responses:

Some students think that the usage of technology in the classroom is good as it is helping them in understanding. The teachers use particular websites to provide the best information which they can use later.

The university student, according to a survey, thinks that technology is mandatory for university education. From applying for the university to paying tuition fee, selection of their respective subjects etc. everything happens through internet. Also for their project works and most of the material that they use for study, comes from internet only. Also it helps with the assignment, mailing the professors, viewing grades and a wide range of other administrative works including tracking the school bus.

Negative perspective of students:

But some think that technology is the barrier to success as they struggle to align with the way in which the institution values technology. Their main problem is with the unprofessional use of technology by the professors. They are not professional so sometimes it causes confusion rather than helping the students. A student says in a survey interview that the teachers basically use power point presentation which is the copy paste of what’s written in the book. Hence, it’s the total wastage of time and energy.

Others claim that the teachers take a lot of time to figure out how to use the technology in order to cope up with the present situation. Also the school doesn’t provide these special courses to the teachers so they have to educate themselves. This sometimes goes wrong as not every teacher is capable of using technology while teaching. Most of them prefer the traditional way.

There are more positive responses, rather than negative one. The students prefer the introduction of technology in the classroom as it helped to solve some quick problem. For example, the teacher can talk to the students via texts individually or in a group. If the student is having some problem, he/she can clear the doubt using Skype. Also, the teacher can give them certain topic before the class starts, so that they can discuss it among themselves and be prepared for the class.

The only complain they have is the unprofessional use of it. As most of the teachers do not know the proper usage, they end up wasting a lot of time in the class. They either can be repetitive or create confusion. All they need is more common sense to use technology more professionally so that it can be beneficial for the students which is the main purpose of introducing technology inside the classroom. You will get details of this technology from