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Types of Trade Show Displays

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If you are holding a company event, you certainly would like your business to shine to other attendees, prospects and clients. Eye-catching trade show displays will be the center of attention and will ensure you do not miss any opportunity to network. Other than drawing people to your stand, it has a lot to tell all about your business. It is an opportunity to showcase your business and market yourself to the attendees. Whether you have been in the industry for long or not, it is essential to consider a trade show display for events. Below, we will discuss the various options in detail. Let us get started.

Types of trade show displays

There are different varieties of trade show displays available, and your selection will depend on your preference. However, there are two outstanding trade show displays.

Pop-up displays

These consist of an adjustable panel that is fixed to an expandable frame. It then locks to form a curve or an angle shaped wall. This wall will form the back of your booth. These options are cheap when you compare to other displays. They are also lightweight; hence, they are portable, and you can store them for future events. Also, they are easy to assemble, and the whole set up process will take you just a few minutes.

Panel Displays

These are more firm, sturdier and stable. They are a bit heavy when you compare them to the pop-up displays. Their assembly is quite complicated, and you may need an expert for the setup. They have different configuration methods depending on your style and available space. Also, the package consists of rectangular panels wrapped in fabric. You can connect these pieces. However, they cost more than pop-up displays, but are durable, hence will save you on replacement costs.

Which is cheaper? To rent or buy?

As mentioned earlier, panel displays are more expensive than pop up displays; however, they will last longer. It is essential to consider the costs involved since every business would like to maximize their revenue by spending less. For an established business, purchasing a tradeshow display is a good idea since the replacement costs are less. However, if your business is new to exhibits, you can consider renting as an option. It is a temporary solution and will only be useful for that particular event.

The decision to rent or buy will also depend on the size of the display and the number of shows you would like to exhibit. If space is limited, you may consider purchasing a portable option. If there is more space, renting solutions are preferable. Your business will have the opportunity to customize the display layout on different shows while at the same time, preserve their appeal.

Renting is a budget-friendly solution if you have fewer exhibits per year. Your resources will also dictate whether to buy or rent. For instance, if you do not have space for storage, you can consider renting. Also, if you have less money to spend on maintenance you can go the rental way.

If it is your first time to exhibit, you may want to test the market and rent a tradeshow booth. Before settling on your choice, it is essential to consider your business needs, the advantages and disadvantages of each option. With a lot to consider, the best booth is that which will register overall success for your business.