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Travelling the Holy Land with Pastor Chris

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, pastor and Man of God from Christ Embassy, has recently ended his 2018 tour of the Holy Land. His church had meticulously planned out the trip to provide benefits to those that believe in Jesus throughout the world.

Тhere were hundreds of followers of Pastor Chris that joined him as he led them on a spiritual journey to Jordan and Israel. The itinerary for every day was full of various holy places and sightseeing for both Jews and Christians. The tour was planned to follow the journey that Christ himself journeyed throughout scripture, and Pastor Chris gave his participants a chance to walk in the footsteps of Jesus to learn from his experiences during his life.

The group of LoveWorld Incorporations was entirely overwhelmed when the Jewish Land gave them such a warm welcome. Both Christians and Jews were excited to see Pastor Chris visiting their lands, which has only strengthened the bond between Evangelicals and the Holy Land as well as the people.

Not only was this visit of the Holy Land an ideal trip to walk in the steps of Jesus, but Pastor Chris’ trip also coincided with two important and monumental events within the Israeli state. The first event was one of the memorial, marking the 70th anniversary of the Jewish land’s independence. The second major event was the U.S. embassy moving to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

The President of the U.S., Donald Trump, announced earlier this year that he had intentions of making this embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The aim of the move was intended to speak to the international community of the United States’ mission to stand behind the Holy City and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of this Jewish Land of Israel. Through the organization of the celebratory reception, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs chose to honor this move of the United States. Pastor Chris was a part of the event, having been sent a personal invitation. Upon arrival, Pastor Chris was received with warm welcomes and embraces by the members of the government. Several Jewish individuals also welcomed this American pastor with open arms. Each host was happy and excited to welcome Pastor Chris, a well-known and world-renowned pastor, to their homeland.

Chris Oyakhilome, the renowned pastor, gathered his entourage and traveled to various sites while in the Holy Land. The trip lasted eight days total, and many of the visits included places like Mount Hertzel, the Sea of Galilee, Caesarea, Abu Gosh, and even the Tomb of Lazareth. There was even one group the was able to visit many of the holy sites in Jordan, which only further proved the diversity of this land. Many of the local observers and the participants everywhere were privileged enough to water Pastor Chris minister to the masses several times during the entire trip. His words were filled with the spirit of the gospel and the glorious words of Christ, bringing listeners both online and in-person closer to the Lord. This trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity for many, which is why Pastor Chris offered the trip through a virtual means. People back home were able to follow him around as he walked through the Holy Land, and they were able to experience his witnessing while in the Holy Land.

Through this incredible trip, participants were able to gain several opportunities, and the trip was designed overall to create memorable and lasting experiences for the participants. If you would like to catch up on the happenings of the trip, there are photos and moments from the Holy Land Tour of 2018 directly on the website. Pastor Chris also has more information on the blog, and the KingsChat app has photos from the trip to share with anyone who wants a glimpse into this incredible tour.