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Top Ten Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car

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For the majority of us, buying a car, owning and running a car is a significant investment. From the daily commute and school run, to going shopping and seeing the family, having seat cars to rely on is absolutely essential.

Although there were over two million new cars registered in the UK last year, bringing the total number of vehicles on the road to more than 31 million, most of us can’t afford to continually change our beloved form of transportation.

Therefore, it becomes incredibly important to look after your car and make it last as long as possible. Here are ten handy tips and pointers on how to increase your vehicle’s longevity.

1. Regular servicing and maintenance

Along with the annual MOT, many motorists consider servicing to be an inconvenient and sometimes unnecessary expense. However, not ignoring your car’s recommended maintenance intervals can prevent future problems, which often have costly consequences.

2. Check oil and coolant levels

Opening the bonnet and checking vital fluid levels only takes a couple of minutes, but is crucial in preserving the health of your car’s engine. Detecting problems like leaks early on can prevent further damage being done.

3. Check tire pressure

Once again, this doesn’t take much time and can easily be done next time you fill up with fuel. Tyres that are inflated to the correct level last longer, improve handling and can even make your car more efficient.

4. Clean your car

There are numerous reasons why cleaning your car makes sense, from looking great to improving its resale value. What’s more, quality car valeting products can help protect paintwork and prevent rust, as driving in adverse weather conditions and on unfavourable surfaces can be detrimental to your vehicle’s look and finish.

5. Drive less

Even though some trips are essential, try using your car less, especially when it comes to short journeys. On trips under ten minutes, engine oil struggles to reach its optimal temperature, which can affect performance.

6. Be a conscientious driver

Aggressive driving, over-revving the engine, quick acceleration, hard braking and riding the clutch can be harmful to components, causing them to wear out quickly. Smooth and careful driving is also a lot safer and can improve fuel economy.

7. Check wheel alignment

If your car pulls to one side or begins to shake at high speeds, the wheels may need to be realigned. Uneven tire wear can be very dangerous and will inevitably lead to more frequent replacements.

8.  Rotate the tires

Another way to prolong the life of your tires is to rotate them around twice a year or every 6,000 miles. Information on rotation patterns can often be found in the vehicle’s manual, however some tires are directional and are only meant to spin one way.

9. Use the Air Conditioning all-year round

Although it may sound a bit odd, turning on the Air Conditioning in winter can fend off a build-up of mold and prevent moving parts in the compressor from seizing.

10. Park in a garage or use a car cover


Exposure to sun, snow, rain and ice can cause paintwork to fade or chip, so find a way to shelter your car against the weather.