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Top funniest flash games to play

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If you are sitting at work now, twiddling the thumbs and hoping that you could have something fun to do, then, do not forget to have a look at our top 6 fun unblocked games

#1: Bejeweled

This classic game is originally called as Diamond Mine. It involves moving multi-colored gems around to create a set of 3. The game is simple but very addictive

#2: Chimgam

We aren’t sure about the origin of this game and we still aren’t sure that we want to know more about this. Chimgam is among top craziest and funniest game that we have ever played. It isn’t clever and big as well, however, we cannot stop playing this game.

#3: Bow man

Set a time with an arrow and a bow was the greatest method to stick it to a man – in contrast with playing some silly games on your working time. This game challenges players to shoot the enemy by the power of the bow and calculating the accurate angle. Robin Hood will eat your heart out

#4: Winterbells

The games of Orisinal are always some of the loveliest flash games. As particular fans of this game, we enjoy seeing a little hare jump in the air, then, bounce off the bells. Winterbells isn’t a complex game, however, you cannot stop playing it once you start – seeing your bunny plummet from such a great height is simply too much to bear.

#5: Strike Force Heroes 2

Strike Force Heroes 2 unblocked is a game designed by Mike Sleva and Goncalves. About its genre, it’s a Side-Scrolling Platform 3rd Person Shooter. You will need to level up for unique classes so that you can unblock their weapons system (up to 65 weapons), killstreaks, multiple skills and to customize the load-out as well.

#6: Run 3

Learn more about run 3 unblocked here

There’re also campaigns for you to get an action-packed and a fully voiced story or make a customize quick-match to let off some steams. So, do not hesitate to challenges this game to truly put your abilities and skills to the test!