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Top 7 beauty apps You Should Not Miss

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The truth is women are very much beauty conscious and would do everything within their means to appear beautiful and be praised by everyone around. The advent of beauty apps only has made their life much easier and to reach their objective effortlessly. There are several beauty apps available to be downloaded onto the mobile phone and ready to be used.

Top beauty apps to download

  • Glam Squad: This OG on-demand beauty app offers variety of things like nail polish, full face, updo, blowout, etc. A vetted and trained professional can be expected to visit at the requested location to offer services, without the person having to go out to the salon. Booking is open from 3 hours’ notice to that of 3 months in advance. It also offers wedding options for the special day. But this app serves only limited areas in the USA.
  • Beautylish: This app provides valuable information on the current beauty trends being followed, trains the user to basics to do own and to shop for the desired products. It also has reviews from well trained and certified professionals along with tutorials which is sure to inspire the person to try the best looks at home. 
  • Plum Perfect: It is rather termed as future of foundation. The user simply needs to take a selfie and have it uploaded onto the app. It will then analyse the person’s complexion and come up with the perfect signature colour meant for the hair, face, eyes and lips. Also will be displayed variety of shoppable options to derive customized colour palette. 
  • Indulge Nail App: There are very high possibilities of the person forgetting the name of the manicure colour that she came across recently. This app allows scanning of the nail colour at the salon to offer the details and to save useful information. Besides this, the person can also share colours with friends and have the fresh manicure uploaded, so as to maintain a record on the type of shades that works best for her. 
  • Bellashoot: Users are allowed to discover and share tutorials, reviews and tips from across the globe. In case, the person searches for a specific look like Hollywood curls having wet lids and feathered brows or has a beauty related question, then this is the perfect app as it has an informative tutorial. 
  • Hair Alert: With this app, every day can be made a wonderful hair day. It does offer customized hair tips based upon prevailing local weather as well as notifies with day to day rating of hair score, allowing the person to plan in advance when trying to wash, straighten and carry out other necessities. 
  • L’Oreal Makeup Genius: It can be termed to be virtual L’Oreal counter that uses the mobile phone’s latest technology and camera to recognize the user’s facial characteristics and try out virtually all L’Oreal products. It also has been designed to follow the user’s movements enabling viewing of new mascara, lipstick or eye shadow from all angles. It is possible to access the app in-store as well as scan products without having to buy anything. 

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