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Tips to Start your Real Estate Career

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Are you planning to switch your profession and join the real estate industry? Well, you are not alone. Studies show that the most successful realtors were once in a different job. It all starts with passion and the urge to fill that niche in the market.

A positive personality trait is essential to establishing a successful real estate career. With millions of real estate agents in the industry, you need to be ready for the competition and ensure you stay optimistic all through. While others might consider getting real estate state test help, it is advisable to get equipped with the necessary skills in real estate agency. This article gives you a systematic guide on how to become a realtor within your state easily.

1.  License yourself from the local authorities

Every country has its regulations for the real estate business. Licensing yourself within your state is the first step to starting your real estate career. To be licensed, you must complete some coursework on consumer protection, ethics, and discrimination. You can register for one of these courses online. It takes between 1-8 weeks to complete a course. The licensing process might cost you less than USD 1,000.

2. Register with Brokerage Company

Brokerage companies will help facilitate your business in the real estate industry. They will provide you with a contract to use, a brand, training, business cards, business website, signage, and many other services. It is crucial that you identify the best brokerage company to register your business in your state as a newbie in the industry.

3. Join the community of Realtors

Realtors have their associations, which protect their business by representing their rights within the state. For instance, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) legalizes your work and gives you the go ahead to take on any work. You are only a certified real estate agent once you are a member of a recognized association within your state.

4. Get trained

Brokerage companies provide light training to help you get started in the business. However, you need to get a mentor who will hold your hands in your startup. Many companies offer specific courses for real estate agents. Register for these courses to sharpen your skills in the real estate business. Real estate courses get you certified in real estate, improving your chances of success in the highly competitive industry.

5. Get a business plan

An initial stage in any business is having a business plan. You can begin by setting a database of contacts from friends and family. Reach out to all your contacts in different social media platforms and inform them of your new career. You might be lucky to get some friends who want you to represent them.

6. Go professional

Now that you have the right training and expertise, it is essential to portray this image to your target customers. Show a professional personality to your customers through your speech, dressing, and response. Creating a good business impression attracts clients who are looking for professional representation.

7. Meet your first client

Since you have shared your contacts to many people, you should expect a call from any them seeking your services. Studies show that most individuals only contact one agent when they intend to sell their homes. When that call to work comes your way, be prepared to deliver your best.


Being an expert in real estate takes time. To build a profitable business in this industry, you must be ready to learn new tricks from your mentors and some of the leading companies in the industry. The tips given here are enough to keep you going when you intend to start a career in real estate.