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Tips for Buggy Repair and Maintenance Service

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Regular maintenance of the golf trolley will ensure to durability of the vehicle and run quietly and smoothly. Golf trolley is an investment for your game and so, why not keep it well maintained and cared properly? Regular servicing and repairing will keep your electric cart from sudden breakdowns and prevent any high-cost maintenance that you might incur otherwise.

Ensure to maintain the gold cart yourself regularly. Alon with it, give it for yearly maintenance service at professional’s place. The service experts will be able to do the system checks and do the repairs and other adjustments that you may not be able to do at home, this could be because you do not have the right equipment to do or know how to do it.

  • Ensure that the professionals check your brakes, batteries and wheels for its proper functioning and could notice any performance deterioration.
  • Also pro-inspect the suspension and steering of the vehicle.
  • Have the technician check for other wear and tear of the motor, or loose nuts and bolts.
  • Maintenance of the brakes is another essential point to remember. You may even check the status of the brake at home by slightly pushing it when it is parked. If it does not budge, the brakes are too tight, and it rolls it is too loose. Check visually if the brakes are not dragging and try to listen to any squeak noises. Also, notice the brake pedal – if it is wobbly or lower than usual, have it checked by the professionals.
  • Dragging brakes make it work too hard, and even risk the batteries to overheat, and replacing the overheated batteries is costlier than the break repair.
  • Request for the proper lubrication of every part to keep it operating at its optimum. Lubrication of all the systems and components is extremely essential for various parts of the buggy.
  • Ensure to check for the pressure and alignment of the tire regularly, and this would avoid any bigger issues. Most of the golf cart tires models require to be inflated to 22 psi. The lesser or higher pressure in the tire could cause premature wear outs and affect the performance of the buggy negatively.
  • Golf cart battery maintenance is extremely crucial care for your cart performance. Battery maintenance is not time-consuming, and the step process of proper maintenance is – to charge the battery properly, check for the water levels and fill as needed and clean the terminals and posts regularly. Have a professional check and get battery terminals and cables cleaned for corrosion if you cannot do it at home.

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