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Things to Remember Before Finding a Nanny Cam

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Since most parents nowadays are busy, they choose the services of professional nannies to take care of their children. However, bringing a stranger into your home is a risky move, especially if you are away.

You have probably heard about numerous abuse stories of nannies that happened in the last few years. That is why parents choose to add babysitter cameras to reduce the chances of potential issues.

However, if you wish to get a professional babysitter cam with features that will help you, we recommend you determine the best one based on your current budget.

Are Nanny Cams Legal?

We can differentiate numerous reasons you should install babysitter cams that will help you prevent potential issues from happening. It is a better option for keeping an eye on the babysitter while ensuring peace of mind.

However, the first question you should ask yourself is whether they are legal or not. Most of them can come with a feature of recording videos in your home. 

If you wish to understand whether video surveillance is legal or not, you should check here for additional info. 

Therefore, you will have to think about video surveillance law, especially if you place it in private, including the nanny’s bedroom or bathroom.

The next step is to think about whether you should get the one with an audio feature. Keep in mind that audio recording is regulated differently based on the state you reside in. 

Some of them have a consent rule, which means that a single person on a recording needs to know about it.

You will violate the audio recording law if you do not alert your babysitter about video and audio recordings. Therefore, you should check out your state’s regulations before you make up your mind.

Hidden vs. Exposed

When it comes to babysitter cams, you should remember that we are talking about surveillance cameras to monitor your children and caretaker. Most blog posts and websites state that all of them are hidden, but that is not true.

They do not have to be hidden, while we can differentiate between exposed and hidden options. 

Spy or small hidden cameras come disguised as something completely different such as a toy, book, or clock. They are not visible, which means you will record babysitters without prior knowledge.

Still, you can find the ones that are transparent and visible, which means you can place them on the table, wall, or other areas as well.

Features to Consider

Since you already know the different types and regulations, the next step is to determine the essential features you should consider before purchasing. 

  • HD Resolution – It is vital to find the one that comes with a high-definition video format because you will ensure greater clarity and details. Still, you will get the one that comes with more significant expenses and decreased storage compared with other options you can find on the market. Therefore, you should think about different aspects such as practical demand and storage space you should get separately.
  • Audio – As mentioned above, audio recording regulations differ from state to state, but you may wish to get it to ensure that a babysitter is talking with your children properly. 
  • Wireless – When it comes to wireless cameras, you should know that you can watch live feeds or record to watch them later. You will not need different systems to ensure you place them properly, making them highly convenient for your needs.
  • Android Compatible – Since you will have remote monitoring, you can quickly enter a recording and check the streaming of your babysitter and kid from a mobile device wherever you are. It is an effective way to prevent potential issues from happening.
  • Motion Detector – You will not be able to watch your smartphone or PC in real-time, which means you should find the one that features a motion detector. It is a practical feature that will send you a notification each time a motion happens.
  • Recording – Most cams will have the ability to record everything on an SD card. However, it is simple to fill it up due to limited storage. It is better to find the one that features NVR, which is a 24/7 reliable recording.
  • Viewing Angle – Everything depends on the size of your room, but you should get a wide-angle babysitter cam to ensure you see all areas without any additional problem. At the same time, you should make sure that a camera comes with a pan-tilt function.
  • Power Source – We can differentiate two types of power supplies you can find on the market: AC-powered and battery-operated cameras. Remember that battery-operated cams use rechargeable battery packs, while AC options require an outlet to function. If you run out of battery juice in a couple of hours, the camera will not work anymore. Therefore, you should choose the one that features AC power, which will ensure it works all the time.

Final Word

As you can see from everything mentioned above, you can find a wide array of babysitter cams available on the market. 

However, you should consider features, characteristics, price tag, and other factors that will help you find the one that will stand the test of time.

Besides, you should check out other product review articles and blog posts that will help you determine the best course of action. 

Visit this link: to learn more on how to install a nanny cam with ease. 

Still, with one, you will reduce worrying and boost the overall safety of your toddler, baby, or child.