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The Top Education Startups Of 2019

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With technology at the helm of sophistication, many fields are realizing efficient performance. The rise of startups has introduced inventions to the operation of many industries. 

As a result, the inventions have disrupted traditional norms which limit the industry potential. 

Due to the impact of startups in the market, there has been a massive investment in a number of ventures lately. Given its vitality and size, the education field has attracted many Edtech startups.

As is the nature of startups, many establishments fail due to insufficient funding and stiff competition. In order to improve your competitive position and get help with content creation, engage, thus sustaining the massive demand for quality content without minimizing your profit margins.

So, here are some promising educational startups of 2019, offering innovative solutions in the educational arena.


The best way to learn a language is through people with an exceptional understanding of the language. Unlike its online language tutoring counterparts, Fluentify enjoys massive funding. Also, the company engages native speakers to convey lessons on various subjects.

For better learning, Fluentify connects students to professional tutors who engage them in the form of lessons. Unlike traditional note-oriented education, conversations introduce a broader array of language cues. As a result, students improve their conversational skills and get a better grasp of a new language.

It is owing to its publicity, that the London-based company promises much growth. As a testament to its functionality, Fluentify ranks among the best tools for learning foreign languages. Additionally, Fluentify lets you design your individual study plan, ideal for tight schedules.


University education is costly throughout the world and limited to financially-able individuals. As such, educational startups aim to bring affordable universal education. Among top startups, Edukart offers 2000 programs on various categories to select from.

Since its foundation, Edukart has helped a lot of people to enhance skills, as well as enabling informed industrial developments.


Like the latter, EdX is geared to offer cheaper solutions to educational needs. However, EdX is a massive open online course (MOOC) with over seventy partners.

The brainchild of MIT and Harvard universities consists of short educational videos and their respective learning exercises. Geared to eliminate barriers to education, EdX offers universal courses at affordable prices.

Thanks to the cooperation of multiple universities who contribute to EdX, you can learn the latest emerging trends in the industry, as well as increase your skills and marketability. Being the open-source platform, EdX is feature-rich and accessible on various media.

Also, EdX offers certification upon successful completion of its courses.


In the past, getting help from an industry professional was a benefit that only a few could afford. As such, it was hard for students to find appropriate solutions to their questions and projects – a factor which limited their skill growth.

With Piazza, students can ask questions to the professionals and get appropriate answers from a broader selection. A testament to its success, Piazza is endorsed by many professors and students all over the world.

Also, it should be mentioned that the invention of Pooja Sankar, aimed for inclusiveness on forums, has adopted the anonymity feature.


Aceable ranks among the most applicable Edtech startups in 2019. The app addresses the universal need for quality driving classes. Unlike traditional courses, the lessons on this app cost less and allow for flexibility.

Additionally, Aceable engages professionals for each category, ensuring the successful development of your skills.


Infusing education and entertainment is among the trends changing the educational field. As a successful program for gamification, we cannot fail to mention Memrise. This program converts difficult topics into games, which offer an engaging learning experience.

Thanks to its evidence-based learning, Memrise succeeded in the teaching languages, ranking as the best app for this purpose.

With the ever-changing technology, many operational norms which have limited access to services in traditional models, are being broken. Educational startups have enabled universal access to affordable classes on various topics.

Among the many options, however, these rank among the most promising in the fickle future of startup ventures. For skills development, consider engaging various startup giants focused on your niche and give a boost to your career.