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The Right Financial Handling in the Sports Betting Process

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Here’s some important information for you to “write down in your notebook”, choose very carefully how you will deposit your money, as it will also determine what form you will withdraw.

Let us explain a little better: Gambling judi bola terpercaya sites today are very concerned about the security of their resources, as well as paying great attention not to become “money laundering centers”. Imagine if a betting site allowed you to deposit via bank slip and then withdraw via an international bank transfer to a third party account? Can you imagine the mess this would become? Well, that’s why websites usually have a clear rule:

The method you deposited will be the method in which you will withdraw

Therefore, if you have used bank transfer, which is a bank medium, you will need to withdraw from a bank account in your name. If you have made a bank transfer, of course, you will have to receive it from the same account that sent the money. If deposited by Neteller, will have to withdraw by Neteller. If deposited by Skrill will have to withdraw by Skrill.

Think of Entropay as an intermediary, namely:

You create an account and deposit with Entropay;

And then use your Entropay account to deposit on the betting site;

Don’t have an Entropay account yet?

Then create your Entropay account here. Through Entropay, you will not only be able to make your deposits on the gambling sites, but also use the virtual card or even the plastic card they offer to make purchases on the internet or even on international sites.

Going back to the betting site, when you enter your Entropay account information and the amount you would like to deposit at the same time your balance is updated – both your Entropay account debit and the betting site credit. So if you have a credit card available that you want to deposit, our tip is to get to know Entropay.

Neteller / Skrill

Another very common option among more experienced gamblers are competitors Neteller and Skrill. Both companies are virtual wallets that have become quite popular due to their prepaid credit card. To better understand it, imagine a virtual bank in which you enter your money and then spend it the way you want through your prepaid credit card.

And what’s the point of that, maybe you’re wondering. Through prepaid credit cards you can shop online, travel and use as travel money, withdraw your winnings from gambling sites or use them like a debit card. Anyway, there are several utilities, and every day this deposit option is winning more and more bettors, after all, when depositing via Neteller or Skrill, your payment drops at the same time.

Want to meet Neteller? 

Then click here and sign up for Neteller or if you prefer, go to Skrill and see which option is most interesting for you. Now that you know how to deposit, let’s look at the welcome bonuses the sites offer for our 1st deposit. Keep up.