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The Financial Impact Bed Bugs have on Businesses

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When it comes to fighting the dreaded bed bugs, it appears a few enterprises are exempt. These tormenting creepy pests are turning up in some of the least expected places such as retail outlets and even libraries. When they appear, they always come with a price.

While the statistical percentages regarding the financial numbers might vary based on studies and the specific industry, the overall data suggest that these pests are a costly and significant problem that no business should ignore. It is, therefore, important for every business owner to work with a St Charles pest control expert when it comes to regular inspections and exterminating these bugs. Here are some of the ways bed bugs can impact your business financially.


The reality is that no one enjoys being bitten bed bugs. Some people are even ready to take such issues to court. And when they do, it can result in legal fees and even reparations. That is the reason every business must take the necessary precautions to ensure that they keep these bugs away from their premises and avoid fault.

Note that litigation can happen to nearly any business. Though an increasing number of states is adopting new rules for tenants and landlords, other industries are also playing catch up. So, if you own a business, it is recommended to invest in the right bug control service and prevent infestations.

Loss of life and property damage

In large buildings such as senior living centers, apartment complexes and places where many people dwell together, a reliable bug control strategy can help prevent loss of life and property damage. These bugs can drive rational individuals to take irrational measures of getting rid of them.

One of the emerging ways to control and prevent bed bug infestation is the implementation of heat. Some people have got the idea that they can perform heat treatments by cranking an oven and leaving their doors open. Others just put an over-the-counter heater on full blast in different rooms and expect bed bugs to disappear magically. This is very dangerous. It’s even worse when combined with other DIY bed bug control methods such as rubbing alcohol.

Damaged reputation

An increasing number of internet users is turning to reviews as a way of determining whether or not they should buy from a specific business. It is the responsibility of the business to ensure that the customers are not leaving negative reviews online. Having a reliable bug prevention strategy will ensure that no customer will publish a review showing how they didn’t get sleep in your hotel because of bed bugs.

Loss of employee morale

Generally, these hitchhiking bugs don’t just affect clients. They can help your employees negatively. If your workers battle with bugs every day and probably carry them to their homes, there is a good chance their morale will drop. In some cases, some people may be uncomfortable within an environment infested with bugs and seek employment elsewhere.