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The Christ Embassy’s Annual International Easter Youth Camp Is Here Again

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The Christ’s Embassy’s annual International Easter Youth Camp is back. It is being organized by Believers Love World Church also known as Christ Embassy. The youth camp is an annual event organized by the church to steer the youth towards the right direction and in achieving God’s plan for them.

The church believes that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow so directing them aright is everybody’s responsibilities. One of the church’s ways of contributing into the future of the youths is through this annual Easter youth camp.

The program is a special program that is organized for you and every other youth in mind. It is meant to unleash the giant in you and also satisfy the hunger in your spirit to walk into God’s plan for you, your dream, and your destiny.

Those that attended the program last year are already super excited about the news. If you think last year’s event was interesting, just wait until you see the activities that have been lined up for you this year. For those that are not familiar with the program, it is usually an 8-day program organized for young people who are between the ages of 13 and 21 from all over the world. That will definitely give you an opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world. International gatherings of youths are quite rare. So, make the best of this one.

Since the maiden edition of this annual event, it has always been very educating, enlightening, interesting, exciting, and of course, soul lifting. Attendants usually leave the program more motivated, determined, and spirit-filled to actualize God’s plans for them. One thing that must be mentioned about the program is that organizers keep getting better with each edition. Subsequent ones are usually better than previous ones due to constant improvement. Needless to say that 2018 edition will be better than previous editions in all terms.

One reason a lot of people will like to attend this program is that it gives attendants a rare privilege of meeting face to face with the highly revered man of God and the founder of The Believers Love World, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. He holds this program dearly to his heart so he usually creates time to be with the youths.

Due to the personal involvement of the man of God, The International Easter Youth Camp has always been a life transforming experience for attendants and it will catapult you and others into new realms of glory in walking into God’s plan for your life.

This is one of the ways through which Pastor Chris demonstrates his love and commitment for youths. He has always preached that the purpose of a church is to always bring people together in the name of God and the annual youth camp is another platform he uses to bring people together. It is the responsibilities of every Christian to help those in need and to also contribute to the society. In addition, Christians should also help to uplift the spirits of others around them.

This is exactly what Pastor Chris hopes to achieve with the annual event and he has been achieving it in the previous editions as youths go back happier, transformed and more purpose-driven. This year’s annual International Easter Youth Camp will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Pastor spares no expense when it comes to spreading the word of God. He utilizes every opportunity he has to share the gospel and guide people aright. He will use the youth camp to spread the word too.

The future is in the youths. Anyone who wants a bright future for everyone will do all it takes to steer the youths through the right path. The program is designed towards fulfilling each attendant’s God-given dream and destiny.

If you have missed all the previous editions of the camp, this is a good opportunity for you to make up for all what you have missed. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will bring you to new heights of glory as your destiny beckons on you.