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The best prom dresses according to your figure

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There are a huge number of formal as well as a semi-formal party as well as prom dresses available in the market. But not every dress is meant to suit all the body types. There are certain party dresses that surely provide emphasis on your figure and provides you a flattering look. In this article, we have mentioned some of the major tips that will help you explore through the various dresses and will provide you with the ideal styles that best suits your body type. For all the girls out there looking for an elegant prom dress, it is extremely helpful.

Busty figure

The busty body type surely is a gorgeous one, and they have a wide variety of styles that suits them very well. The key to style a busty body type is to draw attention to that person’s face and to maintain a proper balance between the large upper body and narrow lower body. This will be done if you choose the dresses that will add curves to your hips and will create the illusion of a well-defined waist.

Apple body

The apple body shape is well suited for a number of prom dresses. The main key is to choose a dress that has embellished top or an empire waist. This is meant to draw some attention to your upper body. An A-line dress or a full skirt will help you flatter your figure and create a mesmerizing look.

Slender Figure

The slender body type basically is having a tiny frame overall. A slender person will look amazing in the kind of dresses that will accentuate the lean and long physique. You can try out the looks with empire waist, a belted waist, asymmetric neckline and a dress with slit. This will help in adding up curves and dimension to your body and look.

Hourglass figure

The hourglass figure is known to be voluminous and curvy. The best dresses for this body type are that will accentuate the best asset, and will cling to the well-defined waist. To enhance your hourglass figure, you can always go for the wrap dresses, accentuated waistlines, open, necklines, v-necklines, form fitted tops. This will look great and will eventually enhance your hour-glass body type.

Pear figure

There are long lists of designs that will suit your pear body type. When you are dressing a person with pear body, it is required to pay attention towards enhancing the upper body and emphasizing the small waist. The long prom dress is a clear no-no but dresses with fitted open neck or strapless tops, or an A-line skirt will help the girls with pear-shaped bodies look awesome.

 Petite figure

 The girls with the petite figure are mostly less than 5 feet 4inches. Showing off a few legs can do wonders for girls with this figure. Other than that high low dresses can be really good. These girls can also go for the slim-fitting dresses with vertical printing, V-necklines or pleating. Delicate feminine designs are well suited for this body type.