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The basis for IVC filter lawsuits

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Inferior Vena cava (IVC) filters are widely used wire devices, which may have used for the prevention of blood clots from the lower body from extending to the heart or lungs. However, as noble as the innovation of IVC filters is, they can also be the cause of death when their components malfunction, which forms the basis of an IVC filter lawsuit for compensation.

In some cases, the pieces that make up the IVC filters break off or migrate and cause punctures in body organs.

Common Problems with IVC Filters
IVC filters are commonly used in the treatment of patients at risk of thromboembolism; however, they are not entirely effective as patients still suffer from pulmonary embolisms as well as thrombosis.

Also, they are not ideal for all patients. First, filters do not prevent clots from forming but block the blood clots from going into the pulmonary artery where they may cause a blockage.

Although IVC devices are administered alongside blood thinners they are meant to be removed once the patient registers some improvement. However, complications have been reported during their removal. In some cases, the device migrates from one organ to another while some components of the device get detached.
Other problems with IVC devices include perforation of veins and organs by the filter and the fracture of its components.

The Targets of an IVC filter lawsuit

Medical complications resulting from the use of IVC filter devices target negligence by the manufacturer. The lawsuits focus on the injuries caused to the patient by the use of the device.

Since IVC devices are designed to be placed in a vein that transports blood from the heart to the lungs, the metal filters that make up the filter could end up being embedded on the organ if they break off. In grave situations, the entire device can dislodge from the site of implantation and interfere with the function of the vascular system. If you suffer such injuries due to the malfunction of an IVC filter device, you deserve compensation, and you should sue the manufacturer right away.

If you are unsure of what injuries qualify for compensation, the following list includes all the possible injuries that could result from the use of IVC filters:

  • Chest pain
  • Hypotension
  • Heart rhythm problems
  • Hemorrhaging
  • Internal bleeding
  • Nausea
  • Confusion

IVC Lawsuit legal help 

If you have injured by the use of an IVC device, we can help your case by representing you in a court of law to argue the case of the unreasonable risk of the fracture of IVC devices, the migration of the device, as well as, the perforation of body organs.

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