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Test and Tag Electrical Equipment in Australia

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Test and tag is a special requirement that Australia has in place for testing and tagging all electrical appliances that are in the workplace. There are some misconceptions as far as what requirements you need to meet in order to fulfill the process, but they’re actually pretty simple, and anybody can actually qualify to do the service as long as you’re deemed a competent person. In this guide, we’ll tell you all about how to test and tag equipment in Australia.

Do I Need to Be an Electrician?

Testing and tagging is actually quite simple. You don’t have to get your electrician’s certificates, but what you do have to complete is a training course that allows you to be “certified” to be a test and tag specialist. The test and tag course generally only takes about a day. This means that as far as the Australian Standards AS/NZS 3760, you are in fact eligible to use a portable appliance testing machine as well as test electrical equipment. Many students that take these courses don’t have any electrical background whatsoever. 

There are Different Items Frequently Tested and Tagged

While many people consider test and tag with mainly construction equipment, this is only one category of power tool that’s tested and tagged. Believe it or not, even an office building with a surge protected device, computers, extension leads, and even computers. You also will need to learn how to test and tag a kettle, laptop, vacuum cleaner, 3 phase appliances, microwaves, and more. Generally anything that plugs into an electrical outlet needs to be tested and tagged properly.

How to Test and Tag

The process is actually quite simple. Usually, the tester will simply check the physical connection. If this is a new piece of electrical equipment of any sort, they simply check to make sure all of the electronics are intact and then tag the item. If it’s not new, they must use a portable electric tester to make sure everything is working right on the piece of equipment being tested. They then tag the item, by writing their name, and whether it passed or not, plus the date of the test and the next test date. Then the item’s test and tag process is complete, and the tester can move onto the next part.

Why Test and Tag is Required

The reason why Australia has a tagging requirement is because of pure safety reasons. Test and tag is essentially done because there are numerous fatalities and injuries each year worldwide due to electrical appliances, and one of the main causes is the electricity itself. Therefore, Australia has put a regulation in place so that they could fully utilize utmost safety ensuring that nobody will get ahold of an item that isn’t working correctly, and that each electrical appliance is tested and won’t ever pick up an item with faulty electrical components or wiring.


If you’re interested in learning more, there are many employers who offer courses (you may check with yours here – visit website) and in this guide, you hopefully have more knowledge on what it takes in order to learn how to test and tag.