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Story of 11th-hour web series

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Telugu film Industry also referred to as Tollywood, has acquired great success in India. Every individual in India knows about Tollywood. The Telugu films and Telugu actors are famous nationally as well as internationally. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when the entire world is facing a crisis where every theatrical activity is on hold, Telugu films have still managed to keep producing one hit after the other. The main reason why Telugu films are so popular among people of all ages is because of their content that satisfies the audience’s taste. Telugu films are fun to watch which lightens the mood. They produce films in every genre-romance, thriller, suspense, crime, mystery, and comedy.

It becomes irresistible for the viewers to divert their attention. The rise of the popularity of Telugu films has resulted in the online streaming of Telugu movies on various platforms. Online streaming has made it easy for Tollywood lovers to explore several Telugu films and web series online. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become difficult for everyone to watch movies in theatres. Online streaming has made it easy to watch movies and series online. Aha is an OTT platform that streams various Telugu movies online. Viewers can also watch series online through Aha.

11th-hour: 11th-hour is a Crime/thriller web series released digitally on Aha on 8th April 2021. It is a Telugu language-based series. It is directed by Praveen Sattaru and written and produced by Pradeep Uppalapati under Introupe Online productions. The series is based on UpendraNamburi’s 2017 book 8 Hours. Tamannah is the main lead for the web series. The series was initially scheduled to release in January 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the release date was postponed to April. Tamannaah plays the role of Aratrika Reddy in the show, a divorced woman and mother to a 6-year-old. She used to narrate the story of Red Riding Hood to her son every night before sleeping. The story is quite significant because Aratrika is the Red Riding Hood in her own story. She has been the target of every man in her life who tries to suppress her. Her father was a wife-beater. He was a believer that his son can only be his successor. Circumstances force him to give the position of CEO to his daughter Aratrika. Every rival company sees this as an opportunity to bring down Aratrika’s company. The series focuses on how she struggles to become a successful businesswoman overcoming all the barriers.

Aha is streaming. Aha is an online streaming service that allows its viewers to stream Telugu movies and web series online. Aha got launched in 2020, and since the release, it is evident that many people are engaging with it. Its main aim was to attract the Telugu Audience, and it is successful in doing so. It provides unlimited and exclusive Telugu content for free with an ad-free streaming service. Subscribe to Aha to watch Telugu films online.