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Steps to Free your Drain with Natural Drain Cleaner

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Many people are calling the Sydney emergency plumbing to unclog their drain. However, when you use a natural drain cleaner more often it is dubious that you will suffer from a clogged sink ever again. The natural cleaning will help you avoid a blocked kitchen sink happening. Also, it will save you a huge amount of money in the process. Nevertheless, unblocking the sinks and cleaning the drains is not an easy job. When you want to seek the help of the plumber frequently – it will cost you that much!

Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Safe?

If you want to take on your clogged sink yourself, do not go straight to the chemical cleaners. Though it is considered but very caustic at the same time it is bad for the environment. Well, most people usually think that this method is easy and quick fix. But there are actually lots of problems when you use chemicals for cleaning drains.

Lots of the chemical cleaners contain hydrochloric acid, which is very destructive chemical and even though they may well unblock your drain. Yet, this chemical may also rot the lining of your pipes.  They can even the source of blockage or overflowing your septic tanks and may cost you even more money.

Also, the chemicals may cause a health risk to your family members or even on your pets. So you must be very careful – as much as possible avoid breathing in any fumes or getting any of the chemicals on your skin. Last but not the least, these hazardous chemicals can seep into the soil and groundwater through damage pipes and certainly will contaminate the environment.

Practice Using Natural Drain Cleaner

Meanwhile, using a natural drain cleaner such as baking soda is a perfect option which actually works well to unblock your kitchen sink and drain. All you have to do is to pour a cup of baking soda, around 240ml in the drain of your clogged sink.

Then follow the ½ cup or around 120ml of white vinegar and quickly put the plug in the sink. After that, leave it to stew for about 30 minutes and then run the hot water into the sink and down the drain for a few more minutes in order to clean the pipes.


If you have a clogged sink that is hard to clean up or getting fixed well, probably you may need another one or more times repeating the procedure to get it fixed. Remember, do these methods once in a month and you should never call any Sydney plumbers to unclog the drain ever again.


Cleaning the drains and kitchen sink is huge task, especially if you do not know the exact location of the blockage, or you don’t even know the layout of the pipes in your yard. That is why it is also essential to put a CCTV drain camera to make it easy for locating all blockages as well as a great use – like creating underground maps in your pipes. Thus, you always know where you can and cannot dig!