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Sports Betting: Tips for Beginners

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Do you like sports? Do you often guess match outcomes or final scores right? Perhaps, it’s time for you to become a bettor – a player who bets on sports events with the aim to win.

It’s very convenient to use online bookmakers’ services. In this case, you even don’t need to leave your home, betting right on a website instead. For example, at, where a large selection of bets and profitable odds can be found. Soccer, American football, ice hockey, tennis and other sports – choose what you like and get winnings!

Betting Basics

Betting should not be risky. You should not be afraid to lose your salary if you are ready to allocate a specific amount for bets. Wager only with this amount.

Next, determine which type of sports is better for you. Many bettors start with football. Explore your bookmaker and make sure that you understand the functionality of the site where you will bet.

Start with a minimal bet. At the beginning, the main thing is to study, learn to control your emotions and develop a successful strategy. When you manage to go out with a profit, the size of bets can be increased.

Most novice bettors can expect a profit of about 10% per month. If the profit is larger – perhaps, you are too aggressive in betting.

Bet Types

There are the following types of bets:

  • ordinaries (single)

This is a usual bet on an outcome; it either wins or loses.

  • group

A player selects several outcomes, and if they all win, the win amount is calculated using an increased coefficient. That means the coefficients don’t add up but they are multiplied. But the chance to lose is higher since one event that hasn’t been won is enough to lose all your bets.

Using our tips, you are guaranteed to have a successful start in betting. Over time, you can improve your results and become a favorite of Fortune!