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Sports And Sleep  

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Having Trouble Sleeping?

Sleep is an essential part of a good health. Insomnia fatigue has undesirable effects on mood, appetite, stress, productivity, physical appearance and many other aspects of life. In the event that you are not able to get your complete required hours of sleep you will tend to lose the quality of life required. Sports and fitness do have a positive impact on your sleep however as it gets your body just in the right mood in terms of fatigue. Professional athletes such as Kevin Sheehan usually do not have any issues when it comes to sleeping as they are constantly training and working out.


Why does sport help to sleep better, to be less tired?


Sport helps reduce anxiety, which is one of the causes of sleep disruption, including stimulating endorphin production. Moreover, the regular practice of a sport would tend to regularize the mechanisms of the internal clock, which could have something to do with increased serotonin production.

Finally, a little paradoxically, sport gives energy. This explains why one is less tired when one has practiced a physical activity of a certain intensity during a moderate period of time.


Sleep and overweight


Sports and working out in general also helps maintain a healthy weight. However, people who are overweight or obese have a less restful sleep than those whose weight is normal. Breathing problems related to overweight are often to blame.

The good moment

For optimal results on sleep, it is recommended to practice between half an hour and one hour of sport daily. Beyond that, you might get tired! Whether you prefer to move in the morning or in the evening does not really matter.

However, it is best to avoid intense physical activity less than three hours before bedtime. You may find it difficult to fall asleep thereafter, as the sport stimulates the production of dopamine and norepinephrine, which are responsible for the “high” often felt by top athletes after several minutes of intense training.

These practices are usually implemented by Kevin in order to get the most out of his days.