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Spa & Salon Tech Trend: Clover Station 2.0

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Spas and salons can be lucrative businesses. However, they need to run efficiently and keep people coming in the door to achieve their full potential. With the right point of sale system, you can ensure that your team can easily accept payment, track sales, manage inventory and more. Better yet, your POS can help you to book more appointments. Increasingly, spas and salons are turning to Clover Station 2.0.

Spa & Salon Needs

Every type of business has unique needs for payment processing. Some organizations only need to accept payment cards. Others can benefit from a comprehensive suite of tools. These are some of the common requirements for salons and spas:

  • Appointment Tracking: Payments are closely tied with appointments. It is very valuable to have them integrated together. When you process a payment, it should be automatically associated with that appointment.
  • Payment Processing: Of course, every business needs to be able to process card payments. With the right merchant account, you can also accept payments such as mobile apps and chip cards. Spas and salons have a diverse array of customers. Offering more options means more sales.
  • Inventory: Your business likely has an inventory of supplies that are used up during appointments. Associating appointment types with inventory depletion can help make it easier to keep track.
  • Service/Product Blend: Similarly, many spas and salons also sell products. Having a POS system that can blend service and product offerings is very valuable.

These needs should drive your choice in a POS system. For many spa and salon businesses, Clover 2.0 is the right solution.

Powerful Clover 2.0 Features

The Clover POS has been quickly gaining popularity thanks to its intuitive user interface and immense flexibility. It can help you with all the above needs and more. Better yet, it is so simple to use that training new team members becomes easier than ever.

Never worry about people making mistakes that are hard to undo or needing a manager to look over the shoulder of a newbie. Simply give a brief rundown. The rest is all intuitive.

It can also provide other helpful tools such as timesheet tracking and rewards points. Basically, the Clover 2.0 provides you with all the tools you need to run your business efficiently.

Booker Add-on

In addition to Clover 2.0, spas and salons should consider the spa Booker POS. This system works with the Clover hardware and extends the functionality to include features such as online appointment booking. In other words, you can make sure your business has more customers coming in every day.

Plus, it includes features for marketing your business more easily. That means that you can increase your sales with promotional emails and other outreach.

Get Started

Clover 2.0 and Booker are quickly becoming favorites among spa and salon businesses. Learn more about them and see if they are right for your company. This could be a chance for you to improve your sales and make your business run smoother. Those benefits are well worth the time to switch from your old, clunk point of sales system.