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Sixteen Weeks Of Pregnancy

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What Happens During The Sixteenth Week Of Pregnancy?


In this 16th week of pregnancy the baby measures would usually measure around seventeen centimeters and weigh about 160 g. The various organs continue their maturation.His back, hitherto curved, is recovering

His body, with the exception of the palms and soles, is completely covered with a fine down, the lanugo. This will usually fall off at birth, but it can sometimes persist on certain parts of the body, especially if the baby arrives a little in advance. A waxy, whitish substance, vernix caesosa, also covers the baby’s skin and protects it from the amniotic fluid in which it is bathed. On each of the fingers are digging his fingerprints.

At this stage the baby usually has the tendency to move more and more and these movements contribute to the increase of his muscular mass and to the good functioning of the body articulations. However, sleeping remains his or her main activity, with no less than 20 hours of sleep per day.

If it’s a girl, the cavity of the vagina will typically become hollower. Though specialists such as Nadine Gourkow have more information regarding the development of animals they still have a good understanding of the human body as well.

What Will Then Happen To The Mothers Body?

The production of progesterone by the placenta becomes very intense. This hormone that permits the maintenance and stability of the pregnancy also has a relaxing deedas it smoothens themuscles, particularly to reduce contractions of the uterus during pregnancy. On the flip side it causes the release of other smooth muscles such as those of the stomach or intestine, slowing down gastric emptying and intestinal transit, with the result of acid reflux and constipation. At this stage of pregnancy, it is believed by specialists such as Nadine that it is indeed possible to already feel some contractions. In the event that they are isolated and not painful, nothing abnormal. If not, consultation is strongly required in order to rule out any threat of premature labor and eventual loss of the fetus.