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Simple tips to impress women

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It is no harder to impress a woman than to impress anyone else. Nevertheless, men manage to mess it up big time. This is why there are endless guides written on how to impress a lady. Impressing a woman is not difficult, men only need some tips to help them out. Here are some tips from the pros.

  1. Remember things

Women love it when someone remembers something they have told them. Remember the things women say and bring it up at the right time or act upon them. Something as simple as their favorite color or their hobby would matter to women. You do not have to remember every single thing but when it comes to some special things like them telling you they like painting, it shows that you are not only listening but are actually present with them and making a note in your mind.

  1. Pamper her


It is a well known fact that women love to be spoilt and pampered. Wake up early and prepare coffee for her. Send her flowers for no reason. Book her spa session. No matter what your relationship or how old your relationship, she will love you for doing these little things. Sit together and have a hot cup of coffee before you leave for work.

  1. Cook for her


You do not have to do this everyday but doing it even once a week will be worth it. Prepare a proper meal for the woman in your life and have a romantic setting arranged in your home. Bonus points if you cook more often and include her favorite dishes in the menu.

  1. Listen

A lot of men are present but are not really participating in a conversation. You need to actively listen to what she is talking about. Even if it a normal, everyday conversation. Women want men to hear them and to be a part of their life in every manner possible. It will also help you remember the small details from your conversations which you can bring up later. It will make her realize how special she is for you and that you truly care for her.

  1. Take it slow

Do not rush it, the relationship, the sex or the commitment. Take your time and only take the next step when you both are ready for it. Even if you are ready for it, ask her if she is ready to take it forward. Successful relationships take time to build and you need to remain patient with your partner. This is not a race and you have nowhere to reach. Enjoy every little moment and embrace the changes in your life before you take the obvious next step.

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