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Sign-symptoms of Impending Heart Disease

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Sign-symptoms of impending heart disease

Imagine you are walking down the road in Brooklyn and you suddenly feel pressure just under your left breastbone. You had this pain before but choose to ignore it, considering it to be an insignificant symptom. Two weeks later you are in the emergency room at a hospital with a severe chest pain, and discomfort. Your Brooklyn cardiologist has advised urgent ECG, and the report showed that you have a heart attack. After giving your primary treatment containing aspirin and other drugs, the doctor advises you a coronary angiogram that reveals you have three large blocks in your heart vessels. Well, that is a disaster! You could have averted such debacle had you known the signs and symptoms of heart diseases. For elderly patients and with a risk factor for heart disease, knowing the sign-symptoms is even more important. Now we are going to tell you when you should be concerned.

  • The first symptoms that you might experience is a chest pain or discomfort. It can sharp or shooting pain and in case of heart diseases that pain would be central in nature. Meaning that you will feel the pain under your sternum or breastbone. The pain can be intermittent, and worsened by having exercise. Patients often confuse chest pain with indigestion or heartburn. Never do it! Severe chest pain should always be considered a heart attack unless you can prove otherwise.
  • You might feel shortness of breath or pain, especially during physical exercise. For example, exertional dyspnea is turned on during times of activities. There will be little to no pain while you are lying on your bed. But as soon as you start walking or running you feel slight discomfort under your breastbone and shortness of breath that worsens with more physical activity and subsides once you stop walking or running. This is a classic sign of heart disease! Never ignore it. Consult your Brooklyn cardiologist for thorough checkups as soon as you experience such symptoms.
  • A faster heartbeat is another symptom of an impending heart disease. When you have it, you get tested – no exception to that.
  • Several medical conditions increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. For example, diabetes mellitus increases your chance of having heart diseases by many folds. Likewise, dyslipidemia might also contribute to your chances of heart diseases.
  • Obesity and smoking are responsible for most of the heart diseases. An obese person is more likely to have heart diseases than a lean and thin person. Likewise, smoking, in addition to creating cancer, causes heart diseases to seniors. If you want to be safe or minimize your risk – stop smoking today.

Well, if you have any of those sign symptoms or risk factors, contact your Brooklyn cardiologist today, and get evaluated before it is too late.