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Should You Get Hip Replacement?

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If you face any discomfort or any uneasiness in your body, you should get it checked. Even a slight pain can lead to extensive pain.  There are many people who face a lot of pain in their body and especially hip area. It you too have any such type of discomfort; don’t avoid it. There are solutions that can be availed for pleasant experience. If your back is becoming a great trouble for you then you should think about Hip replacement surgery in India. A single surgery can help you get rid of your pains.

Is a hip surgery necessary?

A lot of times, it is the rough, bone-on-bone pain of osteoarthritis that heads people to investigate the likelihood of a complete hip replacement procedure. As the cartilage that pillows the bones of your hip joint wears away, every single weight-bearing step gets more painful.

The complete hip replacement procedure eradicates the diseased bone and tendon that form the ball and socket joint. In most of the instances, the ball of the joint at the head of femur gets replaced with a ceramic ormetal ball. The socket gets replaced with a ceramic orplastic cup. The formation works much like a natural, non-ailed hip joint.Most of the individuals report their joint pain was either prominently reduced or completely eliminated. They feel and share the views that their new hip joint feels fully normal.

To choose to have your hip replaced is a serious decision.   You should think about all the aspects. Of course, you can talk to people in your circle who have got it done. If you are absolutely new to this then you can also talk to a specialist. They would examine your body and suggest you what is best for your health.There are many prominent benefits of hip replacement and a few of them are given below:

Elimination of Pain

One of the main reasons that people have hip replacement surgery is they get rid of their pain.  Similarly, they get the ability to walk and move that too without excruciating orchronic pain. There is a lot of comfort once you go through this surgery. You can experience normal walking that too without any pains.

The replacement surgery restores activity and movement

Once you have recovered from a total hip replacement, you can resume the activities and interests you had before hip pain interfered.  There are people who, after getting through this procedure of replacement, do hiking, cycling, swimming, golf and many other activities, again.  Of course, being able to be in a position to move again that too without pain is bliss and an excellent benefit of hip replacement.

You know this hip replacement surgery diminishes the danger of chronic health situation.Stayingactive also ends up in long-term secondary benefits of this replacement procedure. As per some studies, people who had undergone a total hip replacement had a diminished risk of depression, heart failure and diabetes as compared to individuals who suffered from hip pain, but took decision not to have the surgery. Come on, you can talk to the Best orthopaedic doctor in India and he might help you with the clear picture of everything.

Is there any type of Movement Restrictions after the hip replacement?

It depends on whether you had anterior orposterior hip replacement; your medical expert may give you various movement restrictions for the first couple of months to help you evade dislocating your new hip after surgery.

  • One should not cross his or her legs after posterior hip replacement surgery. For instance, when a person puton their socks and shoes, they should not bring their foot toward their body. 
  • Once should not bend his or her hip more than ninety degrees. Usually, if a person’s knee is below his hip joint, he or she is in a safe position. To maintain such a position, you should avoid:
    • Low seats
    • Deep cushions
    • Picking up articles off the floor when you are seated
    • Pulling up the blankets when you are in bed

Actually these are the activities that bend the hip joint more than ninety degrees.

However, in case you have undergone anterior hip replacement surgery, you should also evade things like:

  • Bending backward, no type of hypertension.
  • Turning the foot out
  • A person lying on his stomach
  • Extending the functioning leg behind you

Once you progress in your recovery, your medicalsurgeon will give you permission to carry on or resume normal activities.

Of course, there are a huge number of people who are pleased with the outcomes of their new set of hips. However, it is vital to remember that hip replacement surgery is a main surgical procedure and can come with the inherent dangers of major surgery, such as surgical complications, anaesthesiaand infection.

In case your hip is causing you a lot of chronic and extensive pain, you need to contact your primary care provider.  You have to pay a visit to the doctor and talk to them about the pattern of pain you have. You have to describe them what you are going through and how much pain you have. They would examine and do the necessary things to make sure that they get the hold of the thing causing pain and discomfort. Ifthings seem to be severe, only then they suggest you to go for hip replacement surgery… if you think that it is not a normal thing then you are right. But it is equally true that there are many people, both man and woman, who get hip replacement. After all, it is all about leading life in an easy and comfortable manner.


So, it is time that you talk to the best orthopaedic doctor in India and find out where the problem lies.  They would patiently examine and do some tests and only then let you know about the cause and remedies. Don’tworry; there are solutions for everything if you get the issue detected in time.