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Shop till You Drop in Malioboro

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Malioboro is the most famous destination place in Yogyakarta. Located in the heart of the Yogyakarta city, the main street is a straight route for the Sultan to maneuver through on his way to and from that the Keraton. Some state that the title Malioboro derives from the name of this British governor Marlborough in the age when Britain ruled the place between 1811-1816. The present Malioboro is packed with shops and street vendors offering souvenirs at very affordable prices. You will bound to find something of interest in this street. If you are after some batik to choose home as a souvenir, then Malioboro is the right place for you. Batik can also be made to bags, table-cloths, bed sheets, cushion covers, curtains, and a great deal more.

Across the street is the Vredenburg Fort, that used to be the barracks of Dutch soldiers, is now a center for art exhibitions. At the same side of the street, is the Beringharjo market, Yogyakarta’s crowded central sector. On this road, you will also find Yogyakarta’s oldest hotel, the Garuda Hotel, built in Dutch colonial architecture.

At night, the street comes alive with retailers opening up tents serving all kinds of local cuisine. You have to sit down cross-legged from the tents, which the natives refer to as”lesehan.” Enjoy your meal while taking in Malioboro’s lively nightlife. It’s an experience you shall not forget.

Malioboro street is within walking distance from Stasiun Tugu (Tugu Railway Station). You can get there on foot or ride a becak (pedicab) or the ubiquitous four-wheeled horse-drawn carts called andong.