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Search Engine Optimization Has Added New Goals To Digital Marketing Realm!

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The traditional marketing mediums are becoming obsolete as multi-channel digital marketing is increasing by 137% in the world. People do not prefer the old-school method of advertising now which has led to an amazing 500% increase in the usage of Multi-Digital Marketing Platforms, Search Engine Optimization, and Internet Marketing Team amongst brands.


80% consumer today search the internet for any information which leads to an easier result rate and better efficiency in humans as it is the need of the hour. Also, according to a research, 32% of small businesses invest in social media marketing and 17% of it are investing in Search Engine Optimisation. A study conducted by Forrester stated, “93% of all internet traffic comes from a search engine” and one cannot afford to miss out on such a huge number of visitors.

However, with such a boom in the digital market, if business houses do not know how to generate money out of it then this amazing platform of internet Marketing Team is totally a waste. In fact, customers are using SEO unknowingly on a daily basis. Also, 40,000 searches are being done every second so to cater this huge number, one needs to understand the nuances of digital marketing or else needs a proficient Internet Marketing Team.

Here is a list of reasons why SEO is important for any business in today’s world!

  • SEO Attracts Traffic:

Teens spend online nine hours every day on social media platforms out of which 60% of it is spent on various mobile devices. Even brands are making use of various social media platforms to advertise and this led to the spending of $36 billion in 2017. The Search Engine Optimization is worth $65 billion industry today. People are looking a solution for their problems and instead of pulling out advertisements to attract customers, a business house should know how to pull in this traffic and provide a solution for better productivity and higher sales.

  • SEO Conversions are High and Real:

With a great SEO strategy, even small businesses can upscale their lead generation and sales. In fact, Search Engine Optimisation has the best conversion rate if proper SEO platforms are followed with the able guidance of Internet Marketing Team.

  • SEO is different from paid Advertisement:

With a strong SEO foundation, a business house does not need a paid advertisement option to accelerate traffic on its website. In fact, SEO can help you save those advertisement dollars and utilize these for other business needs as SEO earns 90% more clicks than Pay Per Click.

  • Have a close eye on competitors:

The biggest learning medium of this era is ‘the competitor’. Observe closely what your competitor is doing and follow the same. Sometimes, it is just a small trick that can help you generate a lot of money and that small trick could be SEO. If you do not add the magic of SEO to your business to attract customers online, then chances are you may totally lose your business.

Internet Marketing is a strong medium through which people can generate plenty of profits but if one gets it done through SEO internet marketing team only then wonders can happen within a short period of time.