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Scope Of Jobs In BPO Sector | Voice and Non-Voice Based | Receptix

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Jobs in BPOs have been an option for every fresher who starts looking for an opportunity in the corporate sector. BPOs are known for providing voice-based services to their clients. The clients of a BPO vary immensely, from big companies that offer projects to the BPO to startups as well. They provide tech support, finance management, accounting services, and other such services from offshore locations.

The services provided by the BPOs are divided into two categories, voice, and nonvoice based services. So for all those who think of joining BPO jobs, the biggest question is, which job to go for? Voice or nonvoice based jobs? There are a lot of BPO companies that have come up and established their home in India. Therefore, the job opportunities in the BPO sector are plenty. You can look for non-voice jobs in Bangalore as well as voice-based jobs.

You can find more than 20K jobs in Hyderabad across various sectors along with Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon, etc.

Non-Voice Based Services

A lot of BPOs and KPOs offer non-voice services in recent times. Human resources outsourcing, IT outsourcing, Accounting outsources are the kind of services that are provided under nonvoice. Non-voice based services have just taken the step towards the corporate world. These services are still to experience growth and are working at the initial stage for now.

A lot of services, however, like recruitment services will now not be possible without the support of non-voice based services. The concluding line is that the non-voice market is wide and is sure to grow further. So  BPO Job will give you a bright future scope.

Voice-Based Services

Voice-based services came into existence in the 90s. The companies that started voice-based services experienced success in a very short period of time. It did not take them much longer to prove their efficiency. These companies selected people with even the minimum skills to provide services like inbound call support, voice call services as well as outbound telemarketing.

However, the voice-based services reached the saturation level very soon. And it started to become difficult for these companies to retain their clients. But recently, the voice-based services have revived and gained success again. The companies widened their horizons and included many other technical support services to make their mark.

The future of voice-based services includes a lot of new services for the latest technology. Instant live chat, voice chat and other such services that come under the technological platform have all been included under the voice-based services. In fact, the voice-based market is keen on maintaining its position in the market this time that it shall include all the latest technology trends as its services as and when they arrive in the competitive market.

Concluding Words

The aim of both voice, as well as non-voice based services, is to convert potential inquiries into customers. The future for BPO companies is bright with process improvements, new technology platforms as well as enhanced vertical capabilities. The BPO companies are therefore covering all the niche services and curating a package of all the services included in one.

To be a part of the BPO sector, you must be capable of providing spontaneous solutions. The BPO market is extremely competitive so you need to be the best among all. You will have to be patient and listen to the issues of the customers with utmost concentration. Lastly, you should have strong convincing powers to be able to sell a product or service to the customers and also to explain the latest offers to them. Because ultimately, the customers are the most important aspect for any company or organization.