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Save the earth for future generation:

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For the future generation, everyone talks about leaving the earth and make a good life for their children. But instead of that very few people talk about redeveloping the earth. So, that no one would leave the earth and always stays here. Yes, going on mars is an achievement but what about the earth where people live. We just destroyed each and everything and then left the earth. So, that the future generation can get a good life. Instead of that just make sure that all the people live here just make the earth living for future generation.

And, people can do that by not polluting the earth. In that, the first thing people need to do is to stop using plastic bags. Because plastic bags can’t be decomposed and it can remain in the soil for thousands of years. So, stop using plastic bags and make the earth a better place for our children.

Paper carriers can be the solution

Paper carriers or bags are the solutions in saving the world. And one person can do that by taking a step in saving the earth. And only by not using plastic bags. Just use paper bags for day to day uses. And these bags are recyclable. So, it doesn’t damage the health of the earth. And, now even the paper carriers have become stylish so, just use them instead of plastic bags. So, bulk buy coloured recyclable carriers in life. And, take a step in saving the world.

Plastic is the main source

Plastic is the main source through which the earth is becoming polluted. Only by the plastic sea has become polluted and only by that, all sea animals are dying each and every day. So, stop using plastic and save the world.