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Robust Rustic Lighting Collections that Will Make any Holiday or Room Glam or Chic

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The minute you walked in you knew you had to have it. A stunning lighting arrangement that gleamed from an indoor room. Its iron and woodwork enraptured your senses. With an intricacy and a boldness in the design that made you want to sneak a photo. Before you could skulk around later to try and snatch for your own!

Okay, not really. Yet, dramatic lighting brings the sense of rustic charm and a glimpse of the surreal. With robust rustic lighting arrangements that will make any holiday or room glam or chic. While your guests, family, and friends will fawn, because they had them at, “Hello!”

Old Mill Country—Wagon Wheel Country Chic

Imagine a Sunday stroll to a friend’s estate and there’s a mill with a water wheel turning fresh crystal water. You see it shimmer under puffy clouds pristine and white—when you realize it’s not the mill your watching, but the light reflecting from a rustic chandelier.

Arching high above an unfinished oak block table, you notice hurricane lights suspended by chains. As they circle around a double wagon wheel. Behind the rustic wagon chandelier you see a panoramic wall carved from exposed stone.

It’s a vision of old mill country charm and one that you can mimic in a modern-styled penthouse. Or to feature it as part of a wagon chandelier arrangement, with one in every room.

Tip: You can give a cohesive flair to any space. Whether it is in a modest apartment (or even a bungalow single) a wagon chandelier will put the extra “oomph” in any staging. While illustrating it (any you) are anything but shabby chic!

An Upside-Down Inspired-Luminaria—Holiday Lighting Tryst

A midnight drive in the moonlight pales to the interior of a modern-day brownstone. Only the walkway you travel looks like it might have been arranged for a princess.

Or a perhaps Royal making the upper East side a home. When you enter the home it opens to a vertical pool with round-level lighting. That is lined by nostalgic small lantern pendants. Their wired crowns and bases gleam. While they shine like a star constellation like Luminarias. In a Christmas-themed spectacle everyone will reminisce about into the New Year.

Tip: Snap photos and arrange them into portfolios to share and that people can read in a magazine you self-publish. As you make memories for yourself and them that will live as long as the stars twinkle brightly in the sky!

Rustic Lighting Glam—A Robust and Modern Ranch

After picking snow from your knee-length winter coat and snowshoes, you find a winding walkway. Freshly shoveled, as you join friends for a cup of warm cocoa (or spiced cider) in front a crackling fire.

You see a glowing lantern—wait, no another pendant that reminds you of the mountains ranges of Yosemite. Soon you realize there are more of them and they line the ceiling above the mantel.

It’s a staged yet bold lighting worthy of the cowboys that you discovered ride the rodeo circuit. When they’re not working around the suburbs in casual suits and neckties. You’d never have imagined their wide-brimmed hats shadowed their rough-hewn faces and flannel shirts. They forgot to remove when all of you spilled indoors.

Tip: At your next holiday party ask your guests to bring a piece of ribbon, one-inch wide with their name. While you serve cocktails or aperitifs, have each person pull out one name. Then ask them to share something about the other person they are their grateful for whose name they found.

As you wish each other a very Happy Holiday with inspired rustic lighting that will bring a splash of excitement with a seasonal cheer!